WVO Pump

WVO Pump



This WVO Pump is designed to pump vegetable oil at 25 gallons per minute! Forget blown fuses, cold weather issues, and internal burnouts – A Vegetable Oil Pump with Power!
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Pump Oil Reliably! Only $549.


This WVO Pump Transfers Oil with Serious Power

Often times electric transfer pumps marketed as WVO Pumps suffer from slow action, blown fuses, limited capabilities in cold weather, and worst of all burned out internals and short lifespan. This is because they are not designed specifically for this application – to pump WVO. Not to worry – the ultimate WVO Pump is here!

This incredible WVO pump moves from 25 gallons of oil per minute with ease, depending on the model you choose. It even transfers vegetable oil in the cold! As long as the oil is fluid – even if it is thick and viscous – it will pump.

You can plug it into a standard 115V extension cord to your garage or into a 5,000 watt or larger inverter from your vehicle and watch it go!



  • WVO Pump
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Options: Add Hose & Complete Fittings Set for $149 more, or Choose just the Pump Head to build your own pump setup


  • 25 Gallons Per Minute
  • 1 Horsepower Motor
  • Rotary Gear Pump
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pump Head
  • Self Priming
  • 120 or 230 Volt Options
  • Continuous Duty Cycle
  • 43 PSI output
  • 30-45 Pounds
  • Suction Height: 15 Feet
  • Push Lift Height: 90ft
  • Viton Seals = Biodiesel compatible!
  • 400* F Temperature Rating!
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Use a 5,000 Watt inverter to power the WVO pump from your vehicle
  • How to find, pump, and filter oil: Vegetable Oil Filtration Guide
  • WVO pump requires gear oil to lubricate the gears as maintenance.
  • WVO pump will not work with water, and not recommended for motor oil.
  • Reversible – can be rewired to flow in either direction, with instructions included.


Pump Oil with Confidence. Only $549.

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