Wind Power at Home

Wind Power at HomeWind Power at Home


Enjoy Wind Power at Home with this complete and ready to install Home Wind System. Generate, store, and deliver clean reliable electricity from the wind!

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Wind Power at Home is a Breeze!

Enjoy reliable clean energy from this complete 1800 Watt home wind system! Now you can put the power of the breeze to use to generate electricity for your home, or remote off-grid location.


  • Wind Turbine – 600 Watts
  • 2 AGM Batteries
  • Xantrex PowerHub with built in Inverter & Transfer Switch
  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • 5 Year Warranty Guarantee
  • Complete Home Wind System Installation & Use Manual


  • 600 Watt Turbine
  • 12 or 24V adjustable turbine
  • Marine coating for harsh conditions
  • Creates power in 2.5 MPH winds
  • Overspeed protection at 1300 RPM
  • Aluminum alloy construction with
  • nylon and fiberglass blades: 51.25″ blade diameter
  • MPPT charge controller maximizes power output for optimal charging and battery health.
  • Optional tower mounting kit
  • Two AGM batteries, 12V, 220Ah
  • Batteries store up to 400Ah
  • Can be hardwired into a home’s AC power system or devices can plug in
  • 4 AC receptacles
  • Automatic transfer switch ensures seamless transfer of electrical loads
  • 20″ L x 14″ W x 14″ H
  • Expandable with additional batteries or panels, turbines, etc
  • Eligible for 30% Tax Credit for Home Wind System & Installation

A Home Wind System that is Easy to Use and Install

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FAQs: Wind Power at Home

Can this be Grid Tied or Off Grid?

Yes, it can be connected either way! Any connections to the grid should be installed by a licensed electrician, and with respect to your utility’s requirements.

Does this Home Wind System include a Mounting Tower?

It does not include it, however this wind tower kit is recommended, or you can use piping from a local hardware store to build a wind tower yourself.

Can this Wind Turbine be Mounted on the Roof?

High wind speeds can vibrate the wind turbine, so this is not the most advisable mounting location. Choose an open space free of  on the ground.

How about Maintenance?

Maintenance for the home wind system is very minimal. The PowerHub requires none, unless there is a power overload and a fuse blows. Otherwise maintenance, consists of a visual inspection of the blades and electrical connections about every six months, and the manufacturer suggests replacing the blades about every 5 years, although they will last much longer.

Battery life depends on the depth of charge and number of charge cycles used. A full charge cycle is when the batteries are fully charged and then fully depleted, whereas if they are halfway charged and then halfway depleted then is a half cycle, and so on. With these batteries charging capacity will diminish to 50% after 500 charge cycles, and to about 30% after 1200 cycles.

Automatic Turn-On/Shut-Off?

Wind power at home is carefree, as this unit includes a built in transfer switch allowing the unit to automatically turn on when the power goes off, and then shut off or disconnect when it comes back on. Or you can use this system as your primary power system, such as in an off grid setting.

Can I Add Solar Panels?

Yes! You can add any amount of solar panels to your system, as long as you make sure to include a charge controller (1 amp for every 15 watts in panels.) You can add additional batteries to the system in order to store more power.


Benefit from Wind Power at Home with a Complete Home Wind System!

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