Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency


Slash fuel expenses with these simple ways to increase fuel efficiency. Go further on less gas with these tips and technologies that provide you increased fuel efficiency!

The EconoDriver Gives You Increased Fuel Efficiency

One of the fastest Ways-To-Increase-Fuel-Efficiency-1ways to get a hold of a problem or a cost is to identify it. With the EconoDriver it calculates for you to make efficiency simple!
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See how your driving habits effect your:
  1. Cost per trip
  2. Cost of wasted fuel
  3. Average Fuel Economy
  4. Level of Green Driving
In just a few minutes you can install a sensor that sends information wirelessly to a display on your keychain with information about the way you are driving.  

Alternative Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

You can dramatically reduce your fuel expenses by converting your vehicle to run on vegetable oil with a Diesel Conversion Kit or by Biodiesel Processors to make the fuel. Or you can make your car into a plug in electric with an Electric Car Conversion Kit.
If you are in the Arizona area and want to Drive Green, one of the ways to increase fuel efficiency is to find a fuel efficient or all electric Leaf at Nissan dealers in AZ, where the service is always friendly and the selection is vast!

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency through Conservation

1. The greenest transportation options are walking and biking. In addition to zero emissions, you can enjoy the benefits of some exercise and fresh air!
2. To boost your distance or to make the ride easier consider an electric powered bicycle or convert your bike with an electric bicycle conversion kit.
3. If you live too far to walk or bike to work, consider your options for public transportation such as metros, buses, and trains. Many cities are now highly invested in improving their public transportation, as it is affordable, efficient, and environmental. Look on your local transportation agency’s website for special membership programs to reduce costs.
4. If your commute depends on driving, you still have greener options. Carpooling is a great way to cut emissions, save money, and connect with other people to get your day started happily. Use a bulletin board at work or online, or community meetings to match rides, and check out Craigslist and Rideshare.org for options, as long as you are safe!

Driving Techniques for Increased Fuel Efficiency

Save money and cut emissions by following these ways to increase fuel efficiency.

Drive Efficiently

  1. Use cruise control on the highway to help maintain a constant speed.
  2. Observe speed limits – every 5 MPH over 60 MPH reduces fuel economy by 7-8%.
  3. Aggressive driving (sudden acceleration and stops, frequent passing and weaving) can lower gas mileage by as much as 33% at highway speeds, and by at least 5% around town.
  4. Avoid time idling, as it uses fuel to go nowhere, netting you 0 miles per gallon.

Proper Maintenance

  1. A properly maintained vehicle gains at least a 4% better rating in gas mileage.
  2. Use the recommended grade of high quality motor oil to gain up to 5% in increased fuel efficiency.
  3. Tire pressure is a key ingredient in the ways to increase fuel efficiency, as it adds at least 5-8% increased fuel efficiency. Keep tires full of air to the specifications on the tires, and ask a mechanic for help if needed. To keep track of how each of your tires are performing under pressure you can use a Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor.

Warm Up

  1. A warmed-up engine has increased fuel efficiency over a cold one. Many short trips from cold starts uses up to twice as much fuel as one multi-purpose trip covering the same distance.
  2. Letting your car idle to warm up will burn more fuel than will be saved by driving with a warm engine, so once you start the engine you might as well start driving.
  3. Plan your trips so that you can combine tasks and cooperate with friends and family to share expenses and good company. This is one of the most important ways to improve fuel efficiency overall – to combine trips so you drive less!


Featured Devices to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring for Optimal Tire PressuresWays-to-Increase-Fuel-Efficiency-6

One of the ingenious ways to increase fuel efficiency is using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System solves low tire pressure once and for all by giving you real time data on all four tires to accurately track pressure conditions.
Buy it HereThis system saves you money by being a warning system to keep you informed of poor fuel economy and increased tire wear as well as dangerous driving conditions caused by low tire pressure.Simple to install and use, and the kit includes everything you need to get started, including a complete manual showing how easy it is to use. The sensors will work on all kinds of tires, and are uniquely designed to fit well and to last a long time. Take advantage of this innovative ways to increase fuel efficiency by at least 5-8%!The Econodriver is one of the Simplest Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Ways-To-Increase-Fuel-Efficiency-2You wouldn’t believe how encouraging it is to improve the way you drive once you can see real data on how much money you’re wasting!

The EconoDriver device is one of the best ways to increase fuel efficiency, because once you are driving with better habits you can carry that money saving know-how with you for the rest of your life. Plus more more fuel efficient driving is also safer!

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Works great in Gas, Diesel, and Hybrid vehicles from 1996 onward. Saving money on increased fuel efficiency is easy with the right tools!



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