Switch to Solar Power

Switch to Solar PowerSwitch-to-Solar-Power

Cut your electricity costs every month with clean energy Solar Systems for Your Home, Business, or Complex. These days you can switch to Solar Power easily, economically, and without headache. 
Receive the expert services you deserve – without any installation costs and with payment plans that empower you to own or to rent the system – to save you money either way!

Solar Systems for Your Home


These solar systems for your home include everything required to gather, store, and deliver solar electricity safely and effectively. Plus be comfortable and rest assured that your system is monitored, maintained, and serviced by professionals.
Receive a free solar consultation from SolarCity, the number 1 residential installer in the United States, plus the market leader in commercial and government projects!

Save Money with your Switch to Solar Power

  • Free Consultation to show what is possible for your system
  • No Capital Investment or Upfront Costs!
  • Includes design, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and all service. 
  • Significantly drop utility bills, and any remaining utility bills plus your solar plan is usually less than what you are paying for energy now!
  • Receive state, federal, and local government Rebates, Grants, and Credits
  • As utility rates continue to rise, your savings continue to grow!
  • SolarCity customers have saved over $1 Billion in energy costs so far!

Switch to Solar Power with the Leading Provider

Choose the solar provider with decades of experience in system design, permitting, installation, grid connection, rebate acquisition, system monitoring and exceptional customer service.

SolarCity Advantages

  • Market leader with thousands of clients in the commercial, government and residential sectors.
  • Installations include more than 30,000 buildings in 14 states!
  • Depth of experience that is unrivaled across multiple industries and scales.
  • Clients include eBay, Walmart, the City of Sacramento, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Boulder Valley School District.
  • Working knowledge of local building codes, Switch-to-Solar-Power-6permitting and regulations
  • Full Service solution with support to ensure satisfaction from start to finish!
  • Custom engineering, financing, installation and ongoing system monitoring
  • Your personal project manager ensures a single point of contact throughout the installation and activation process, and through the full life of the system
  • Highest quality and latest technology, selected specially for each project.Switch-to-Solar-Power-5
  • NABCEP certified supervisors oversee your entire project, which is the highest accreditation possible in the solar industry
  • Maintains an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Your PowerGuide™ will track the solar energy production and your energy use.
  • Granted environmental leadership awards by Aspen Institute and Acterra.
  • Recognized as the Green Power Supplier of 2010 by the Department of Energy.

Fortunately it is now simple to switch to solar power!

  1. Do you own your home?
  2. Do you have roof space with little or no shading facing south, east or west?
  3. Do you pay $45 or more a month for electricity?

If you answered Yes to these 3 questions, you are ready to benefit from a switch to solar power!

Switch to Solar Power in:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

If you are in:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Message us here!

Switch to Solar Power for Businesses & Governments

Businesses and government buildings can save money on electricity every single month, year after year, while being protected from increases in energy prices.

Switch-to-Solar-Power-4SolarCity’s unmatched experience installing multi-megawatt projects, plus partnerships with top solar manufacturers and financial institutions, allows savings and efficiency unheard of through other solar installers. The expert design and construction team will make sure that your system fits your needs perfectly, and that the whole solar experience is smooth!

See why Walmart, eBay, the U.S. Military, and more than 1,000 other businesses and organizations chose SolarCity.

“Walmart has reduced energy expenses by more than a million dollars through our solar program, allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers in the form of everyday low prices.” – Kim Saylors-Laster, Walmart Vice President of Energy

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