SuperFan Whole House Fan

SuperFan Whole House Fan



The SuperFan Whole House Fan cools your entire home in only 5-12 minutes. A SuperFan uses a revolutionary whisper-quiet fan to cool efficiently and quickly!
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Cool Your Home in Minutes! 

The Superfan Whole House Fan is a revolutionary whisper-quiet whole house fan that pulls cooler outdoor air into the home through open windows and pushes warm air out.

The Superfan whole house fan significantly reduces electricity use from an air conditioner and improves air quality by properly circulating fresh air through your home or business. Why sit in a muggy hot house when you come home, waiting for the AC to catch up, or running your AC during the day wasting energy? Just flip on the Superfan and completely exchange all air in your home in 5-12 minutes.


  • SuperFan Whole House Fan
  • Exhaust port
  • Intake housing
  • Intake grills (4)
  • Pack of screws
  • Worm drive duct connectors
  • On/off switch
  • Warranty: 3 Years + All Parts Available
  • Complete Manual


  • 2500 CFM Motor
  • Standard 120 V AC to Power
  • 735 Watts, 5.2 Amps
  • 8 Intake, 12 Exhaust
  • 58 LBS, 29 x 26 x 19
  • 7-12 Days via UPS Ground



Innovative Cooling

Motor has backward curved impeller, designed by a team of sharp engineers specifically to consistently pull large amounts of air through ducts. This care guarantees long motor life and high performance are built into the Superfan.


Superfan-Whole-House-Fan-3   Precision Engineered

Designed from ground up based on years of research and development. Powder coated finish. Extremely High Quality components and manufacturing. Made in USA.
Superfan-Whole-House-Fan-4   Home Friendly

Modern, durable, discreet air draw ports, to rapidly remove air from 4 places in the home or building. Can be closed during winter to keep warm air in. Controls are simple to use, creating a home of fresh cooler air in just minutes.



“Thanks guys, we installed the whole house fan yesterday and was quite surprised how effective it has been in cooling the upstairs of our home. My husband installed the unit with the help of a friend and except for climbing around in the hot attic, he said it wasn’t to bad. Now we can finally turn that darn air conditioner off at night and not have to worry about paying higher electric bills.”

“I installed it myself, not to difficult. My wife kicked on the fan this morning and was happy with the results. We are still working with the unit to determine which windows we should open that way we cool the areas we utilize the most. It definitely does cool our home.” 

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$1,499 + Free Shipping in USA!

Why Choose a SuperFan Whole House Fan?


  • Uses less than half of the running energy of Air Conditioners and makes a major change in temperature quicker.
  • Protect your family’s health: persons sensitive to molds, allergens, or chemicals who are living in a sealed home during summer months (running the AC 24/7), can experience discomfort or illness due to poor air quality.
  • Reduces burning coal for electricity.
  • Powering the Superfan with green energy or during a power outage with a backup power solution is much more reasonable considering 735 Watts of running power are used instead of the typical 1750 or more for AC’s.


  • Significantly reduce your cooling expenses in homes, garages, warehouses.
  • Slash high summer and spring utility bills.
  • In some cases eliminate A/C usage completely.
  • Cool night air brought in reduces running the AC use the next day.
  • While energy costs are raising around the world you can be happy to know you don’t have to use as much energy.
  • There may be Financial Incentives for your location!


  • Easy to Install: 2-3 hours.
  • Modular unit fits In virtually any attic.
  • Adaptable & configurable to almost all homes and buildings.
  • No Maintenance required.
  • Engineered for a smooth long life of consistently high performance.
  • Whisper quiet operation. It is so quiet you can run the fan while you sleep.
  • Easy fan regulation switch.


Frequently Answered Questions


How does the Superfan whole house fan work?

During evening and early morning or cool afternoon hours, you open a few windows in your home, and turn on the unit. The SuperFan whole house fan pulls cool fresh outdoor air in through your living space and attic. This refreshing pure air improves the indoor air quality immediately. Use it instead of air conditioning to cool your home anytime the outside air temperature is cooler than the temperature inside your home.


None required! The SuperFan whole house fan is designed for many years of high performance maintenance free operation.

What about the size of the home or building?

This unit works well on homes up to 3500 square feet. Depending on the climate and the desired speed of cooling, the system can be used on even larger sized spaces. Here’s how fast it happens for different sized buildings:

How is the system controlled?

An on/off switch with variable speed is included. A wireless remote control is also available, contact us if interested.

Can I use this as a bathroom fan?


This Superfan whole house fan is intended as a cooling fan and is not ideally recommended be used as a bathroom exhaust fan. The high air flow is much more than necessary for a bathroom application. A home is cooled more effectively by installing vents in larger and more frequented rooms.


The installation process is quite simple. Place the Superfan whole house fan in the attic and select the four locations for grill placement. Use the included template and cut the sheet rock to install the grills. Attach the ducting to connect the grills and the intake ports on the fan. Hardwire the fan and switch, and it is ready. Typical total installation time: 2-3 hours. Any general home contractor should be able to install it with ease with included guide. 
The Superfan whole house fan requires 3.5 square feet of net free venting if configured as a traditional whole house fan. If the home does not have the minimum net free roof venting area required, the 12″ exhaust port on the unit can be ducted to a gable end vent, dormer vent, etc. thereby relieving the requirement for roof venting.  
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$1,499 + Free Shipping in USA!

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