Solar’s King: Zhengrong Shi

An electrical engineer called Zhengrong Shi has hit the jackpot. His valued net worth is $2.2 billion and growing. Few us knew about Mr. Shi and his environmental contributes over the years until now. He owns Suntech Power Holdings which is a prominent manufacturer of solar cells and panels. Suntech’s products can be beneficial for solar power. Replacing other sources of electricity with the incredible rays of the sun is an important part of the world’s environmentally conscious movement.

It’s estimated that Suntech is currently valued at 5.5 billion which will only increase as the demand for solar and alternative energy sources grow in coming years. The company is stationed in Wuxi city located in China. It’s the world’s eighth biggest manufacturer of it’s kind. Suntech is estimated to be included in the high ranks next to Q-Cells and Kyocera within three years time. Solar stocks are believed to sky-rocket in year 2010 and beyond as the need grows 30% each year. The only obstacle solar power and Zhengrong Shi has is the high cost of solar energy as a main source. For complete success someone must invent a method to harness the power of solar cells at an inexpensive cost for all areas. The breakthroughs at Suntech using silicon purification has elevated the potential for sunlight-conversion efficiency to an amazing 18%. Zhengrong Shi has a technological flair of inventing using untried unique materials like his thin-film solar cells or silicon purification engineering. Since 1988 learning and perfecting sunlight conversion into electricity has been a goal of Zhengrong Shi. With Suntech rising in the renewable energy trade the potential for solar to transform into a traditional electricity provider for the world is achievable.

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