Radiant Floor Heat System

Radiant Floor Heat System


Radiant Floor Heat System
A Radiant Floor Heat System warms you toasty from the ground up! Radiant floor heaters provide efficient heat for basements, garages, greenhouses, and more!
Kilowatts:Tubing Bundles – 300 Feet Each:

$2,199 for 7 KW or $2,299 for 11 KW
+ Free Shipping in USA!
+ $199 per 300 ft of Tubing

Efficient Heating from the Ground up

This Radiant Floor Heat System provides an energy efficient solution for heating basements, garages, home additions, and remodeling projects. Install this radiant floor heat system yourself with the included guide. Radiant heat keeps warmth near the floor where people are living, and is completely quiet, clean and healthy, avoiding combustion gases, loud blowers, and circulation of dust or allergens.



  • Electric micro-boiler
  • Circulating pumpRadiant Floor Heat System 2
  • Manifold with valves
  • Thermostat
  • Bladder tank
  • Pump relay
  • Pressure/temperature gauge
  • Air bleed
  • Fill and purge valves and pump
  • Crimp tool with rings
  • Add Tubing Sets
  • 1 Year Warranty (and parts available)
  • Complete Manual
  • PEX Tubing Available in 200 Ft Bunches with securing clamps


  • Zone Heating in Garages, Homes, Basements
  • Two Sizes: 7KW or 11KW
  • Two Sizes: 23,890 or 37,540 BTU Heat Output
  • 230 Volts
  • 40 or 60 Amps

Radiant Floor Heat System Installation:

1. Mount the panel on the wall
2. Put the PEX tubing in the floor
3. Connect PEX tubing to the manifold
4. Fill the system with fluid
5. Purge the air
6. Have your electrician wire the thermostat, circulating pump and electric boiler

Frequently Answered Questions

Which size radiant floor heat system do I need?

There are two models, a 7KW and 11KW, which is how much heat they can put out, and multiple tubing sets are added for greater floor spaces. Refer to the following chart to help size your system, and email us for help! For spaces larger than 1800 square feet, install more than one Radiant Floor Heat System.
Square Feet Size – # Tubing Sets
0-300 7KW – 1
300-900 7KW – 2
910-1200 7KW – 3
1210-1500 11KW – 4
1510-1800 11KW – 5

Electric service requirements?

Model AC Voltage
Boiler Amps
7KW 220/240 29 40 AMPS
11KW 220/240 46 60 AMPS


Additional Savings Programs on Electricity?

In addition to state incentives that may be available at DSIREUSA.org, some electric utilities offer a reduced electrical rate in exchange for the right to interrupt the power to the Micro-Boiler in your Radiant Floor Heat System. Contact your utility for information and details. If their program calls for interrupting your power for short periods (such as 4 hours) you will scarcely notice any drop in temperature because of the storage characteristic of radiant floor heating. The floor continues to radiate heat after the power is turned off. Some electric utilities interrupt power for longer periods, such as 12 hours on/12 hours off, which will result in more significant reduced room temperature.

Tubing Bundles – 300 Feet each:

$2,199 for 7 KW or $2,299 for 11 KW
+ Free Shipping in USA!
+ $199 per 300 ft of Tubing

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