Oil Expeller Press

Oil Expeller Press


Screw type oil expeller press creates clean oil for fuel or food use and extruded meal for pellet fuel, animal feed, or fertilizer. Press your own biofuels!
Oil Yield:

1-3 Gallons per hour: $5,999

3-6 Gallons per hour: $9,999

6-12 Gallons per hour: $11,999

10-20 Gallons per hour: $17,999

+$600 Shipping, Delivery in 3-6 Weeks

Oil Expeller Press allows Fuel Independence

Turn on this powerful Oil Expeller Press and leave it unattended as it efficiently presses a variety of crops into clean oil. Oil Pressing works for soy, canola, sunflower, jatropha, hemp, poppy, olives, linseed, flaxseed, cotton, sesame, linseed, mustard, nuts, algae and more. Check out the ebook on Algae as Fuel for a complete guide on cultivating this unique crop.


  • Oil Press
  • Electric Control Cabinet
  • Attachments for a Variety of Crops


  • Designed for 24/7 Operation – Gear Drive in Oil Bath
  • Automatic Shut Off if Overheated + Motor Protection
  • Interchangeable Fitting press a wide Variety of Crops
  • Extracts industry leading 90-95% of all available oil from crop


  • 1 Year Parts/Labor, All Parts Available


  • Complete Manual included


  • 3-6 Weeks with Tracking and Insurance Provided


Model Yield
Power Supply L W H Weight Cabinet Size Cabinet
Type 40 1-3 240 Volt, 1 Phase,
8.7 Amp, 60 Hz
38 in
.97 m
10 in
.26 m
12 in
.3 m
101 lbs
46 kg
12 x 12 x 8 in
.3 x .3 x .2 m
31 lbs
14 kg
Type 55 3-6 230/240 Volt, 1 Phase,
16 Amp, 50/60Hz
40 in
1.02 m
14 in
.35 m
12 in
.3 m
141 lbs
64 kg
20 x 12 x 20 in
.5 x .3 x .5 m
60 lbs
27 kg
Type 70 6-12 220Volt, 1 Phase,
16 Amp, 50/60Hz
48 in
1.22 m
12 in
.3 m
12 in
.31 m
209 lbs
95 kg
20 x 12 x 20 in
.5 x .3 x .5 m
60 lbs
27 kg
Type 90 12-20 380 Volt, 3 Phase,
16 Amp, 50/60Hz
56 in
1.42 m
16 in
.4 m
15 in
.37 m
353 lbs
160 kg
20 x 12 x 20 in
.5 x .3 x .5 m
60 lbs
27 kg




Reliable, Automatic, 24/7/365 Oil Expeller Press

Trusted Construction
Screw & crush plate have Rockwell hardness value of 88. This is a measurement of hardness – an anvil is 50, a diamond is 100. The press turns a pebble into fine sand. Even the occasional aircraft-quality bolt has been spread onto the crush plate like butter on toast without scratching.

Long Duty Gearbox

Inline helical gears with one, two and three reduction stages. VARMEC gearboxes have been designed with the help of leading-edge technology. Every single component has been verified and designed to withstand the maximum applicable load to conform with AGMA 2001-B88 standards.

Simple to Operate

Plugs into 110V or 220V outlets. Compare this to the motor driven models requiring complex connections. A real advantage of this model is a sealed gearbox that needs its oil changed only every three months or so. Can be set to operate without monitoring, for hands free pressing. Overheat protection stops motor if necessary.

Create an Abundance of Oil
Make biodiesel from the oil or convert your diesel and go SVO – straight vegetable oil.Homes can be heated and generators ran on this oil. The oil is very clean and can typically be used to cook with. Much of the oil you find in grocery stores was pressed with this model.

Sustainable Advantage

The meal created from the process can be great for feedstock or fertilizer, and is also a perfect pellet fuel for generating electricity or providing heat. Be fuel independent – only 1/2 acre of land planted with queen palm or jatropha can produce 1000 gallons of oil per year. Or grow high yield algae!



25-40% of crop weight becomes oil; 90% of the available oil is extracted with this press!


“I started a company, which now grows 25,000 acres of jatropha trees in the desert, and in fiscal year 2007, sold $60 million of plant oil jet fuel to the United States Air Force.”

“I have not visited a gas station in the last four years because I grow my own fuel in the back yard. You can, too, and it’s not difficult.”

Air New Zealand just purchased 5,300 gallons of oil produced from this press. It is used to press many of the oils on supermarket shelves today. It is also used by the largest algae oil producer in the world.

 Oil Expeller Press

Why use an Oil Expeller Press?


  • Emissions reduced 40-50%, which slows global warming. 0% sulphur!
  • Growing plants absorbs CO2, so burning them stays within same carbon cycle. Substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulates.
  • Domestic oil supports your farmers and local economy. Renewable, home grown!


  • Grow your own oil – from sunflowers, soy, jatropha, nuts, and many more choices including algae!
  • Create independent fuel to power the farm, home, and as a source of income.
  • State incentives including tax credits, rebates, and grants: DSIREUSA.ORG


  • Built for the beginner, with advanced engineering to make perfect oil each time.
  • Set up and ready to go in minutes, with the ability to plug into 60 Hz or 50 Hz outlets (a simple plug adapter may be necessary).
  • Smooth operation, hands free, very low maintenance.
  • Food quality oil, from 90-95% of the available oil.
Oil Yield:

1-3 Gallons per hour: $5,999

1-3 Gallons per hour: $4,999

3-6 Gallons per hour: $8,999

6-12 Gallons per hour: $10,999

10-20 Gallons per hour: $16,999





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