Oil Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge

This Oil Centrifuge filters all of the particles and water out of vegetable oil before it can be used as biofuel. Engineered for high capacity, long life, and to be easy to clean! 

RPM: Add Heater: 


$1,195 for 3450 RPM or $1,495 for 6000 RPM
Add $300 for Bolt-On Heater 

An Oil Centrifuge filters vegetable oil clean!

An oil centrifuge spins all of the particles and water out of filter vegetable oil before it is used as fuel. This unit has been specifically engineered for this purpose, and it’s advanced design allows for high holding capacity, ease of cleaning, exceptionally reliable operation, plus adjustable flow rate to accommodate your type of oil.

Your filtration setup uses a container with dirty oil and gravity instead of a wvo pump to feed the oil centrifuge. Underneath the oil centrifuge is a container to collect the clean oil, and a container to the side to hold any overflow.


  • Complete Centrifuge
  • Centrifuge Rotor
  • Detachable Heater OptionOil-Centrifuge-6
  • Filtration Focusing Cone Option
  • 5 Year Warranty on Major Components
  • How to Assemble Oil Centrifuge Video & Manual

Add a heater to substantially increase the efficiency and speed of filtration, including in lower temperature environments and for night time filtration.


  • RPM: 3450 or 6000
  • Voltage: 120V or 230V
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Requires Assembly
  • Heater: 1000W


RPM:  Add Heater: 


$1,195 for 3450 RPM

$1,495 for 6000 RPM

Add $300 for Bolt-On Heater



High Capacity

Rotor chamber holds over half a liter of waste, keeping cleaning frequency down. Oil is cleaned thoroughly in a single pass.


Gravity Fed

No pumps are required to supply the centrifuge, so nothing wears out with continuous operation, filtering thousands of gallons.


Oil Heater

Powerful bolt on heater channels 1000 Watts of heat to instantly thin vegetable oil, increasing the speed and efficiency of filtration.


How is a typical WVO Centrifuge system set up?



Speed of Vegetable Oil Filtration?


This Oil Centrifuge design is built for speed, ease, and quality of oil filtration.

However the speed of filtration is variable on the quality, consistency, and temperature of the oil. If you are choosing good oil to begin with, and it is warm enough outside that the oil is fluid, you will be able to filter about 10-15 gallons to under 10 micron in 1 hour.

If you are settling the oil before running it through, and/or heating the oil with the bolt on heater, you can get 50-100%+ more speed at 15-25 gallons per hour.

A Booster Cone can be added to focus the oil before it goes into the oil centrifuge, allowing it to work even more efficiently, as the chart below shows. 

Oil Centrifuge Filtration Speed Increases with Temperature 



Looking for a WVO Centrifuge with even More Power?


This Industrial Scale Oil Centrifuge is the beast of all centrifuges, and comes unrivaled in it’s innovate design and reliability in volume oil filtration performance.

  • 40 Gallons per Hour (150 liters/hr)
  • Massive 210 oz bowl,
  • Amazing Self-Cleaning mechanism!
  • Filters to under 1 Micron
  • Includes variable drive controller
  • Compare to $20,000 for similar units

Choose the Industrial Scale Centrifuge:


Add to Cart

$5,995 for Industrial Scale Centrifuge




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