MySpace’s Our Planet Book

Today’s youth constitutes a substantial amount of the world’s population. The youth of this generation will be forced to live longer with the current consequences of the environmental decisions made by their adult counterparts. Future generations to come will be affected directly by the environmental actions we complete today. The depletion of resources, the loss of biodiversity, and growing radioactive wastes will play a role in the future of our children. Environmental education is one of the best ways to provide the youth with the necessary cognitive abilities to recognize and withstand the pressures of advertising. An education is required which teaches young people how the world’s ecosystems are in danger and how to draw links between an advertiser’s product and it’s ecological consequences. This type of education may have been difficult for prior generations to grasp but the youth today is the key to changing the environment. Young people have lived all their lives in an era where environmental issues are present. Anti-ecological ways of thinking and behaving are not instilled in the minds of today’s youth. If they are provided with the right amount of environmental education and awareness potential for change can take place. Young people who are stimulated with environmental issues can create new ideas and views on the issues involving the planet. It is important for the youth to take a leading role in the environment. Regardless, of what level a young person desires to participate in environmental protection the first step is an education in awareness.

MySpace which happens to be the most popular social networking website for teenagers and young adults have a new book. It’s called MySpace’s Our Planet Book. This book is geared towards teens and young adults to educate them on environmental protection. MySpace’s Our Planet Book is a guide informing the youth what they can do to save the planet. Similar to MySpace which is an interactive community the book consists of eco-tips submitted by users on the social network from around the globe. The book provides a friendly demeanor as it guides you in what exactly you can do today to change the environment for the better. MySpace’s Our Planet Book informs readers on the facts about the current state of the environment. Giving real-life stories and suggestion on how everyone can make a difference in the state of the environment.The concept of this book is to bring environmental awareness to the youth and educate them on how to become more involved in maintaining the planet’s health. This book is printed on post-consumer-waste recycled paper with vegetable-oil based inks. The authors of MySpace’s Our Planet Book are Jeca Taudte, Tom Anderson, and all of their friends at MySpace who added eco-tips. The book can be purchased for $12.99 from the MySpace website or at various bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. This book is an excellent step towards youth environmental awareness. The MySpace’s Our Planet profile page on the website has more details on the book, loads of additional environmental information as well as a plant a tree on your profile program. Every virtual tree a user posts on their MySpace profile a real tree will be planted. Consider giving MySpace’s Our Planet Book to a teen you know and help the future generations save the planet.

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