Luxury Eco Stamp: Green & Gold

Linda Loudermilk “eco-idealist” has funded the Luxury Eco Stamp. This is an authentication available to only an elite line of products, services, and business developments. To attain the Luxury Eco Stamp you must be evaluated to determine whether or not your products is of the highest possible caliber. The Luxury Eco Stamp is only given to a small percentage of companies maintaining high luxury as well as practicing green techniques. These businesses must strive to be green and gold. Green of course represents being environmentally conscious. The gold symbolizes the highest level of luxury. Many high end establishments have difficulty being green. The production or methods of their business uses unethical practices. Acquiring the status of the Luxury Eco Stamp is a great accomplishment for any organization to gain.

The process of obtaining this prestigious stamp of approval involves applying to have your business reviewed. There is generally a fee that the business must submit along with their application. Once submitted the establishment is carefully examined to ensure it is worthy of the stamp. The various energy uses, products offered, labor techniques, manufacturing methods, and overall environmental impact of the company is tested. If the organization has demonstrated green and gold simultaneously the approval is given. Luxury Eco strives for quality products that are beneficial to the soul and the planet. They believe in the importance of living a high standard of living without damaging natural wildlife and our surroundings.

The type of establishments this stamp was created for consists of businesses with noteworthy luxury and eco items, organizations that partake in ecological enhancement through their work, and rare individuals who contribute in producing a more Luxury Eco world. The additional bonus of being part of this elite group is the ability to join in an increasingly expanding network of businesses and organizations that are working towards the same goals as you. Some notable stamp holders include Hinerfeld-Ward Inc., Patrick Tighe, and the Captain Planet Foundation. Consumers who purchase from companies with the Luxury Eco Stamp of approval know that they are purchasing the very best. SEER which stands for sustainable, ecologically enhancing, and renewable are all elements that every company holding the status incorporates in their daily operational methods.

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