One thought on “Grow Food, Not Lawns

  1. 1fothemany

    Unfortunately, in some states/cities this is not legal for a person to take care of themselves this way, they have removed these gardens and/or fined people for gardens in the front yard, however, it is a wonderful and beautiful idea so go for it …if it will not cause you harm from the “officials”. If problems are possible from the “official” bullies.. put your garden in the back and mulch over your front yard to save the earth from additional issues of keeping a lawn so perfect for their eye comfort, also preventing upkeep of the grass. You could also move some food plants into your front yard as many flowers are also edible as well and many herbs which are beautiful. So protect your health with this most earth friendly mode of providing additional food for you and yours. It is your inherited right you may have to fight a little harder to move forward but well worth the battle. Most do not know how much sweeter fresh food is right from the garden. I will tell you , it is most sweet to taste. Blessing and peace


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