Green Home Power

Green Home PowerGreen-Home-Power


Green Home Power reduces costs, improves your planetary impact, and provides energy security and independence. Reduce heating and cooling expenses, use less power, and harvest energy from renewable sources. Be smart with green home energy systems!



Solar panels collect sunlight and create power!



Wind into Wattage, easy as the breeze.


Energy Efficiency

Studies show that electricity monitoring brings savings.



Vegetable Oil fueled generators purr power!



Cool your home quickly and efficiently!



Biomass, radiant, and solar provides warmth!

Green Home Energy Systems Save you Green!

As energy prices rise and fossil fuels become known as dangerous to the ecosystem, it only makes sense to look for green home power sources and greater energy efficiency. Slash energy costs and pollution, all while increasing your energy independence with today’s latest advancements in energy efficient technology.

Electricity ConservationGreen-Home-Power-10

Energy conservation is the greenest, simplest, and most cost-effective thing you can do is to improve your energy efficiency. Every dollar spent on reducing your current energy use will save you $3-$5 on the cost of a larger-sized solar or wind system.

The most common and cost effective ways to dramatically cut energy use is by installing an electricity monitor, to use smart heating and cooling, and to opt for solar water heating. Follow the tips on Saving Energy at Home to learn much more!

Environmental Impact

When coal and other fossil fuels are burned to create electricity, greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The EPA estimates CO2 emissions from American homes make up about 17% of total U.S. emissions.
Emissions from homes come mostly from electrical use and heating, both which can be reduced or eliminated through green home energy systems. The average household CO2 emissions from electricity are approximately 7.4 metric tons per year (about 16,290 lbs). Do your part to reduce, and gain greater independence, this with Green Home Power!

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