Green Fashion: Real or Simply Marketing Hype?

The environmental movement has started a major influx of eco-conscious clothing. From organic cotton tees being advertised in commercial retail stores to famous high end designers focusing their new lines on green fashion it’s hard to miss the new eco-trend craze. Whether you’re a fashionista yourself or regular joe it’s obvious green is the new black. Is the green fashion trend legit or is it purely marketing hype? As consumers we are constantly bombarded by marketing pitches that attempt to pinpoint our needs or desires. The more we become aware of our impact on the environment the better choices we make. Businesses know this and use it to keep your attention. Although, it may appear to be simply marketing hype the majority of it is real. Fashion is a large industry and going green will make a significant difference in more than just our wardrobe. There will always be some fraudulent claims and greenwashing in the eco-fashion world like all forms of retail. As long as consumers take a little additional time to research before they invest in a brand advertising to be “green” there are great gains to be made.

Fashion goes beyond designer clothing it is a personal statement about who you are. Individuals on the eco-enlightment path want clothing that represents them. Green fashion meets this need without sacrificing style. The average person can not tell the difference from standard cotton to organic but the manufacturing process does. The practices used to produce our couture outfits and accessory jewelry are seldom environmentally friendly. When purchasing habits change businesses follow. Everyone can make a positive impact on the planet by buying green. Going green in fashion involves considering the environmental costs in every decision and discovering methods to reduce that expense. The ecologically responsible jewelry business greenKarat was one of the first pioneers in finding alternative solutions in the manufacturing process of gold, diamonds, and metals for jewelry. Since their debut several other companies have surfaced using similar eco-conscious practices. Green fashion designers utilize sustainable fabrics, reduce material waste, and lessen their carbon footprint by adding more manual sewing techniques. Soy, hemp, and bamboo silk are a few of the cutting-edge materials environmentally conscious designers use to create stunning pieces. Wearing an outfit that is true to your beliefs as well as your style defines green fashion.

There are countless green clothing stores and designers who provide quality eco wear. Below is a list of seven websites that have stylish environmentally conscious clothes available for purchase.

1.) Eileen Fisher’s organic dresses can be found at

2.) Ana Cohen’s hem attire at

3.) Sweetgrass’s hand-crocheted and undyed hemp clothing is at

4.) Wildlife Works has graphic T’s made from sustainable fabrics to support their organization that you can purchase at

5.) Alchemy Goods make bags for men from recycled inner tube material at

6.) Panda Snack creates beautiful bamboo clothing at

7.) Sportswear can be purchased at

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