Green Energy for All

Green Energy for All!

Each of us are responsible for leading our own and our community’s energy revolution. After all, it is us who stand to gain the most from efficient, clean, and affordable fuel and energy!

Green Energy for all is the approach that everyone deserves to enjoy the financial benefits, greater energy security, and peace of mind while improving the impact on your home planet. Read on to learn more About Organic Mechanic’s green mission!

Green Energy for All 2

About Organic Mechanic

Before ‘Green’ became a buzzword, people were driving the world of alternative energy forward. After being exposed to the wonders of green technology at a young age, a group of passionate engineers, environmentalists, journalists, and pioneers decided to unite on a mission to introduce people to going green.

The journey began as college friends engaged in community activism. They wanted to show people that healthier ways of energy were viable, so began giving presentations at schools K – University, plus to local social, political and professional groups, Earth Day events, and to media outlets. The message was clear – there are green technologies here today worth using!

The energized team developed the project and themselves through extensive first hand experience with biofuels – traveling around the United States in a school bus powered by used cooking oil. It was clearly eye opening to meet people all over the country who support this mission or who have gone green themselves.

Green Energy for All

Time to Green Light Green Technology

After years of hands on direct experience it was a natural step to merge the mission of education into a direct way for people to gain access to green technology. (Green Energy for All!)

Since then Organic Mechanic has developed new technical expertise in the Support Team, and advanced creative ways to reach to more people.

Now more than ever Organic Mechanic is empowering people with information and technology to switch to more economical and ecological energy.

Organic Mechanic has an established record of customer satisfaction, having served over 1,200 customers since April, 2005. OM has a rock solid commitment to service and selection of quality green technologies. 

Organic Mechanic’s Mission is to:

1. Provide access to the world’s best energy and sustainability technologies.

2. Inspire people to choose greener solutions to protect their planet and their pocket.

3. Lead as an example of how a company can make a positive impact.

4. Create meaningful opportunities for partners to reach their goals.

5. Evolve and grow to further increase impact, income, and interconnectedness.



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