Green Apple Festival

Last month’s Earth Day Celebration known as the Green Apple Festival was a ground-breaking success. On April 22, 2008 the Green Apple Festival officially became the largest Earth Day commemoration in America attracting an estimated crowd of 200,000. Celebrities, Athletes, and Musical legends from all categories as well as generations attended the Green Apple Festival to show their support in making our planet a better place to live. The festival was held on April 18 thru April 20, 2008 in eight major cities across the country to bring environmental awareness to the masses. These cities include Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Washington DC, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Each festival had an array of musical performances from some of the most popular artists currently on the billboard charts. The musical performances in the festivals were used as a powerful tool to motivate and inspire others to be proactive in the environment. Activists made influential yet thought provoking speeches to encourage the continual effort required to make a significant impact on the world’s environmental state.

The sponsors and venues of the festival made major strides in displaying their environmental commitment. Chase and other financial institutions associated with JPMorgan Chase joined other eco-conscious businesses to help fund the festivals in each city. Over 90 well-known companies such as SoyJoy, FedEx, and IBM participated with 68 environmental non-profit organizations to produce the Green Apple Festival. Festival founder Peter Shapiro praises Chase’s dedication to the Green Apple Festival. They were the biggest financial and creative participant in the celebration this year. The institution has committed to impact the environment in a more positive manner. Pledging to increase efforts in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions to 20% and construct new Chase branches with (LEED) Silver certification. Each venue at the Green Apple Festival used recyclable and non-toxic products to conduct their business. The venues supplied Green Apple Festival Guides (printed on recyclable paper, of course) to every attendee. The Green Apple Festival Guides contained valuable green living tips. The guides help educate people on how they can make small changes in their lives which impact the environment in a positive way. The supplies provided to the venues included order forms to purchase the same type of environmentally friendly products for their daily operations. The Green Apple Festival was held not only to change the habits of the average individual but the habits of major businesses and venues also.

Some of the highlights of the festival includes Edward Norton’s speech on environmental issues, a performance of the legendary members of the band Grateful Dead alongside Tommy Lee, and the appearance of Ziggy Marley. The Green Apple Festival was such a monumental success that the founder Peter Shapiro has scheduled the celebration for next year. So, if you missed the Green Apple Festival this year do not worry. It will be held in a major city near you next Earth Day Weekend starting April 19, 2009. The Green Apple Festival is an ingenious method to spread environmental awareness in America.

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