Electricity Monitors

Electricity Monitors Make Energy Visible



Electricity Monitors from Efergy allow you to record your energy usage, in cost, kilowatts, and carbon, to see the impact of your energy saving decisions.

Look at the display to see your usage and your costs, plus Online Energy Management tools let you take your energy info on the go!

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Electricity Monitors Give You Access to your energy data on:

  1. The wireless and portable Elite Monitor at home.
  2. Free online energy management software.
  3. Free energy management app for Android and iPhone.

What makes this unit a Leader in Electricity Monitors?

  • Large, bright, easy to read portable display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • View results in Cost ($), Carbon (CO2), and Kilowatts (kWh)
  • View real time, historical, or averages for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data
  • Peak time symbol when the most expensive energy is being used
  • Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target


Online Energy Management

  • View energy data anywhere, anytime!Electricity-Monitors-2
  • Use FREE online and mobile apps for Android and iPhone
  • Monitor your energy costs in real time, to avoid surprises and investigate further
  • View daily, weekley, monthly and average costs in easy graphics
  • Download your data into Excel
  • Set your monthly budget and see how close you are to meeting it
  • View your energy in $, kWh, or CO2
  • Discover your carbon footprint and track it’s reduction
  • Compare your results to other online energy management platform users
  • Discover and share energy saving tips
  • Set Energy Saving targets to track progress towards your goal
  • As your energy hub is connected to your router, enjoy real time energy data!
  • Coming Soon: Social Media Widgets to share your savings with your network!



Electricity Monitors can be Easy to Install!Electricity-Monitors-7

You want to get to saving money on energy quickly, so how about electricity monitors that are simple to setup?

With Efergy, a small sensor is clipped on to the supply cables in your breaker panel. A lead from the sensor is connected to the transmitter, which then wirelessly sends real time data to the home hub.

Plug the hub into your wireless router to connect your energy data to software that can be viewed online from any Mac or PC, or mobile via iPhone or Android.


  • Energy Monitor (Efergy Elite Classic)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC/DC AdaptorElectricity-Monitors
  • 2 Sensors
  • Transmitter
  • Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual
  • Online Energy Management login
  • Free Mobile App


  • Up to 328 ft (70 m) range
  • Select up to 4 cost settings
  • Humidity and temperature functions
  • Display can be wired in or battery powered (12 month + battery life)
  • Advanced incremental stepping on the voltage, costs, CO2, and alarm


Electricity Monitors to Check Appliances

Kill A Watt Electricity Monitors show individual resultsElectricity-Monitors-5

Plug your appliances into the Kill A Watt Monitor to see how much energy they are using. This is a great way to find out what to make sure to unplug when not in use! The LCD displays energy costs by the hour, day, week, month, or entire year!


  • Test for Voltage (V), Line Frequency (Hz), Amps (A)
  • Accurate within 0.2%
  • Includes a Complete Manual

Another Option for Electricity Monitors

If you prefer electricity monitors without a software component, check out the Power Monitor from Black & Decker. This unit will save you up to 20% on energy bills by showing your energy use and cost throughout the day, and showing you how your efficiency measures are working.

Similar to other electricity monitors, it works by attaching a wireless sensor to your electrical meter which transmits information to a display inside your home. Since the display unit is wireless, you can take it around the home and unplug or turn things off to see the real time change in your energy use and cost!



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