Electric Powered Vehicles

Electric Powered Vehicles


Electric Powered Vehicles promise a new way to power our transportation, which does not rely on the constant discovery, harvesting, refining, filling up, and then burning of tanks of dirty and expensive gasoline or diesel fuel. Now instead we can use renewable clean electricity to recharge our electric powered vehicles!

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Electric Vehicles were in the Lead!

Believe it or not, electric powered vehicles were once more popular than gas powered vehicles. An American named Thomas Davenport is credited with the first practical electric vehicle, and once battery technology and designs improved, Americans preferred electric powered vehicles because of their smooth, clean, noise and hassle free operation.

This led to electric powered vehicles outselling all other types of vehicles by 1900!

Now Electric Powered Vehicles are back with a vengeance, with a new generation of technologies to provide even smooth rides, which are easy on the atmosphere and on the pocketbook!

You can Choose Electric Vehicles Now

Did you know that you can convert your existing vehicles into electric powered vehicles? Use the Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit for all the parts and instructions to convert your existing bicycle, and the Electric Car Conversion Kit as your ultimate guide to making the plans and decisions, locating the parts and vehicle to use, assembling it and insuring it, and so so so much more!

Mainstream Electric Vehicles

Now all of the big car companies are jumping into the electric vehicle race, releasing new models, making powerful research and development alliances with other companies, universities, and governments, and spreading the news of their efforts.

You have the Plug in Prius by Toyota, the Leaf by Nissan, and the Chevy Volt, all vying for attention and not meeting sales expectations just yet at this price point.

Meanwhile outsider companies such as Tesla Motors are bringing out of the box thinking together with advanced engineering to bring generation after generation of new electric vehicles to the market. While still more expensive, they are pushing the envelope on making it much more affordable. 

Another model that is being explored is by companies like Better Place, who looks at electric vehicle ownership more as a membership model, where you receive special insurance, battery replacement, maintenance, and more all for one affordable monthly amount in a specific region. They are expanding in areas all around the world and putting in more charging outlets every year.

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