Electric Fuel Heater

Electric Fuel Heater



This Electric Fuel Heater improves performance and fuel efficiency for diesel, biodiesel, and straight vegetable oil, and is especially useful or necessary in cold weather.

An Electric Fuel Heater to fit your Vehicle!

Fuel Line Size:Voltage:

$159 for 12V or $179 for 24V


Add Electric Fuel Heater for smooth Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and Biodiesel Operation

An electric fuel heater adds 12V power to heat biodiesel, Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO), and diesel fuel, thinning the fuel to improve injection and combustion. This specially engineered heater has a built in thermostat to boost and automatically regulate the temperature of your fuel. Highest quality for long-term fuel heating, which is why it is in application in thousands of vehicles worldwide.



  • Electric Fuel Heater
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Activation Button with Confirmation Light
  • Relay, Cable Loom, Connectors, Fuse, Caps
  • Complete Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Continuous Flow Use
  • 12V or 24V options
  • 200 Watts
  • 10-15 Amp
  • 6-12 Days via USPS
  • Works for Diesel, Biodiesel, SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), or any blend



Performance History

Built to last a long time in demanding automotive conditions. 20 years of testing and customer feedback. That’s why so many fleets in Europe and around the world love them. They also appear in the Diesel Conversion Kit’s fuel valve.



Installation Ready

Installs simply in any fuel line. In the box is an electric continuous-flow heater, temperature regulator, rotary switch with pilot lamp, relay, cable loom with connectors, fuse, protective caps, instructions.



Clear Control

The heater is activated with an On-/Off button. Heating is automatically regulated by a thermostat and the switch lights up for confirmation.


Electric Fuel Heater Reviews:

“…no more problems with freezing. Because of this experience we will offer the biofuel heater also in the next winter season.” – Claus Laackmann Company, agricultural machinery and vehicles
“We installed and tested several fuel heating systems. We decided to use this one. It is a very safe system, the heating is effective already after a short period of time. Within approximately 1 minute the troublesome smoke, which comes out of the exhaust pipe, vanishes. This is also a contribution to the environmental protection.” – Adolf Soehner KG Company, Daimler-Benz Representative
“The busses are always ready for use, even at very low temperatures and after parking in winter sport locations, without using any flow improvement additives.” – Kirchweihtal Town Council

“…no longer problems with fuel gelling at our passenger cars and trucks in the local and long-distance traffic…” – Bungenberg Agency GmbH
“The fuel consumption dropped to 3-5 liters per 100 km, the smoke formation was considerably lower.” – P. Hoffmann, hauling company

“…temperatures of -25° C / -13° F and your diesel heating system satisfied our requirements. We like to equip all our buses and vehicles in the bus and freight traffic with this heater for the upcoming winter season.” – Company Ludwig Ganserer, bus and short-distance hauler

FAQ: Frequently Answered Questions

How does the Electric Fuel Heater work?

Installing this electric fuel heater ensures that cold weather will no longer bother the operation of your diesel vehicles. Diesel fuel and biofuel can gel as the temperature drops. Paraffin crystals form in the fuel, making it thicker. This can gum up a fuel filter’s surface and clog the fuel flow enough as to create a stalling engine.
In addition poorly heated fuel causes improper spraying and combustion, creating inefficiency and carbon deposits in the engine. Thicker fuel also puts undue stress on the injection pump. To eliminate this problem, an electric fuel heater applies efficient point of use heating to the fuel, thinning it out to operate normally even in extreme cold weather. The device draws under 15 amps and is designed and thoroughly tested for continuous long-term on the road operation.

Which size Electric Fuel Heater fits my vehicle?

Most cars have 3/8” (10 mm) fuel lines and larger vehicles are more likely to use 1/2” (13 mm). Check your vehicle’s manual or under the hood. Asking an auto parts store or your dealership may also help. If you require a different size, let us know!

Can I still use fuel additives?

If you want to, but it will no longer be needed to thin the fuel as the Electric Fuel Heater will take care of that. Fuel additives can have a negative effect on the engine´s performance and life cycle, plus they must already be added before it turns cold.

How do I Install an Electric Fuel Heater? 

In under an hour this device is installed and ready to go. The included installation manual shows how the device is mounted and smart places to locate it, including how to install it in front of fuel filters, fuel pumps, solenoid valves, or right before the injector pump.

Performance History? 

This electric fuel heater has a solid 20 year history of hundreds of installations on the market and is trusted by these automobile companies and more: Atlas Weyhausen, Deutz, Faun, Honda, Iveco Magirus, Kaessbohrer Gelaendefahrzeuge, Liaz, Liebherr, MAN, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Toyota.

Fuel Line Size:


 $159 for 12V or $179 for 24V


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