Electrathon America: A New Eco-Sport

There is a relatively new sport that promotes social awareness and comprehension of efficient alternative electric vehicles. Currently growing in popularity with the support of environmentally conscious individuals the Electrathon is held throughout the country. The Electrathon America competition is a race which involves participants to drive electrically powered vehicles as far as possible within their allotted time using a specific amount of battery power. It supplies a platform where sheer expertise and originality can be demonstrated. The Electrathon is an economical sport established to ensure proper regulation and safety precautions. Most Electrathon competitions have one hour races on a blocked loop course drawing on restricted electrical energy.

The entire sport is sort of a fun experiment to test the boundaries of alternative vehicles. Each vehicle is designed to seat only one person. They are often lightweight for speed and steamlined. These three to four wheel electric vehicles are created by their owners or club team. The battery packs are deep cycle lead acid never weighing more than 67 pounds under Electrathon’s regulations. To participate you must join their competition membership. The general membership is mainly for the events supporters who do not want to race. All memberships last for an entire year. The Electrathon allows participants to build their own battery operated vehicle and compete among other environmentally-friendly competitors. Through racing they learn the mechanics of electrically powered systems. The winner is the individual that created and manipulated the electric battery for better efficiency.

Anything that can bring excitement to alternative vehicles is worth exploring. To truly make a difference in our environment eco-conscious can not be a select group of people but the entire world. The Electrathon can assist families to teach their children early that fossil fuels are not a necessity. You can race and have an entertaining event while still living a sustainable lifestyle. It is a fantastic event to attend that represents your beliefs. Managing a green way of life can be difficult. The Electrathon America competition gives people a positive outlet to spread awareness and enjoy life at the same time. This sport is also a great way to showcase what electric vehicles can really do to crowds that have never considered alternative energy vehicles before.

If you’d like to attend an Electrathon competition you can check out their calendar for event locations. Countless electric marathons are started by local green residents who wish to spread awareness in their neighborhood about alternative energy. Electrathons can be started locally through researching if any are held in your area, finding a venue, recruiting contestants, collecting the money to fund the event ($500-$5,000), and obtaining insurance to hold the sanctioned race. High schools are also eligible to sanction Electrathon events. This is usually done through the Power Drive Program which helps students construct their single person electric vehicles and educate them on alternative resources. The more people who get involved with Electrathon the sooner it will be an annual sport.

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