Ecologically Responsible Jewelry

The average consumer is unaware of the environmental damages the jewelry industry has on the environment. An estimated 30 tons of waste rock can be generated in producing one gold ring. Millions of rings and other forms of jewelry consisting of diamonds or gold are distributed throughout the world. America is one of the biggest consumers of gold and diamond jewelry. With today’s growing social and environmental consciousness some companies in the jewelry industry is making an effort in their practices to change. Only eight mainstream jewelry companies in the U.S. have joined the “No Dirty Gold” campaign. The major jewelry company known as Tiffany & Co. receives most of their gold from a cyanide-free mine. Despite the minimal amount of established jewelry companies participating in ecologically responsible practices there are new jewelry companies forming which are completely Eco-friendly.

One of the most prominent of jewelry companies making a difference in the environment is This company dedicates itself in the pursuit of ending the destructive gold and diamond mining practices current in today’s market. Most of the industrial methods used to extract jewelry’s metals or gems from the Earth damage the land and endanger ecosystems. Due to the cultural importance of jewelry it is virtually impossible to stop mining practices. Companies such as greenKarat make a huge impact in leading the jewelry industry in the right direction. They provide ecologically and socially responsible jewelry to environmentally conscious consumers. GreenKarat believes they are the beginning to a permanent solution to the environmental damages the jewelry industry is causing. Over 2,400 tons of gold is mined a year. This massive amount of gold being mined yearly is unnecessary. We have enough gold in the form of old and unused jewelry already to fill the demands of the jewelry industry for the next 50 years. The company greenKarat allows consumers to buy recycled gold. Their goal is to change consumer waste habits to help solve the gold problem diminishing the incentive for mining. The company greenKarat uses eco-labeling to inform consumers about green certification and participates in ecological gold programs.

It is estimated that roughly 20% of the world’s diamond production results from alluvial mining. Diamond mining produces a heavy environmental price. The greenKarat company uses synthetic lab grown diamonds created which are hard to differentiate between natural diamonds. The company greenKarat gives the environmentally conscious a method to have ecologically responsible jewelry. Although, many people may scoff at the idea of a recycled wedding or anniversary ring there is great sentimental value that a recycled ring can possess. A special chain that you wore for years which is now broken, a diamond in an old earring, and an unused class ring which also holds precious memories of your past can be recycled by greenKarat into a beautiful wedding ring for the person you cherish the most. They also have a myKarat program which can be used as a fundraising tool to turn old jewelry into cash for your favorite non-profit organization. Any 501c (3) charity is eligible to participate as a beneficiary. There are no requirements to participate as a donor.

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