Did you see the colors?

What to say, what to say…

Greetings from the Meadowlands/Times Square. I haven’t been around these haunts since my junior year in high school. Times have changed, seeing as the last time around I was biding my time between the Ivy League universities, listening to how broke I’d be once i agreed to enroll and squeezing in a quick round of football in Brown or hacky sack with the stoned green beret at Dartmouth. What I’m trying to grasp at among this fit of nostalgia is the real reason I’m reporting from here, the scene!

New York City is exactly the same way it was the last time I blew through town, a blur. I’ve come across a few organic grocers here and there, but they seem to be cast aside in the heavy glow of Times Square. You still see signs of hope in the human traffic flow, the girls decked out in their hipster gear clutching a straw woven bag, the lanky musicians busking through the side streets after they’ve set their bikes against the brick walls as you progress uptown. There is an undercurrent here that doesn’t seem outgoing in the Green movement, but you can still feel when someone is focused in the same lanes of thought you’re in. Even the slightest mention of blogging people’s eyes light up, eager to spill something into my lap to be broadcast to whoever stumbles upon our page.

However great the dear city of New York is, I’m broadcasting from Seacaucus, New Jersey. Yes, Jersey. Please keep the hypodermic needles and Newark jokes to a minimum. I don’t say this because of the face that most of my family resides here in the Garden State, I say it because New Jersey has changed so much (again since my last time through), but has retained an amazing array of local shops that help in keeping a close eye on product quality, as well as helping to create a community out of a simple network of businesses. Keeping to a neighborhood, thinking locally, these are the keys to reducing emissions. Hell, more importantly for the skeptics out there, it gives business to those struggling in the shadows and keeps money in our pockets.

I’m starting to fade in and out of consciousness at this point, so I’ll add one last side note, Tivo the Today show tomorrow (haha, that seems way funnier to me than it ever should). I’ll be dancing around with the crazies behind Al Roker and the rest of the mannequins propped up in Rockefeller Center.

Last message to send out as I turn in for the night, keep recommending spots to check out. Boston is on the horizon, apparently the pizza’s better there than in New York. I’m beyond skeptical of that, but I’ve got a friend who just so happens to be in Boston now, so I’ll give it a shot.

Hell, I don’t mind being proven wrong, I’ve come to thrive on it.

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