Bio-mass Heating

Bio-mass Heating

Bio-mass Heating

Bio-mass heating is an efficient, effective way to heat your home or business. Often called a wood pellet burner out of the box they can also be used to burn soybeans, cherry, olive, and avocado pits, bio-mass fuel grains, processed silage, and more!
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Be Warm & Stay Smart with Bio-mass Heating

This wood pellet burner or bio-mass heater is ideal for those who want to reduce waste, emissions, and energy dependence while they stay toasty warm! Very easy to install and use.


  • Bio-mass Heating Stove is Made in USA by American Harvest
  • Blower controlled by LED control panel
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Easy ash removal with large ash pan
  • Bio-mass Fireplace Insert includes LED digital control board with built-in diagnostics makes testing, start-up and operation a breeze
  • 60 LB hopper capacity
  • BTU’s 52,300 at 75% efficiency
  • Can burn different bio-mass heating fuels
  • Dimensions: 28″W x 29.5″D x 24″H
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty on Stove
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How to Optimize Bio-mass Heating Stove

Use the digital keypad on the side of the stove to control the fuel and air mixture. Button A controls the Auger speed, B controls the blower speed into the burn chamber, and C pauses the auger for 90 seconds.
When you install the bio-mass heating stove, adjust the mixture to include more air for better bio-mass heating and less soot residue. A great place to start for using it as a wood pellet burner is around 2 for the auger speed and around 8 for the blower, and you can adjust it from there based on your fuel source and results. Make sure that the moisture content of the bio-mass is at or below recommendations for that source.

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