Bamboo The New White Picket Fence: That Could Save The Planet

When you think of fences most of us conceptualize the traditional white picket fence. There is a new more eco-friendly fence which countless green consumers are investing in. This up-to-date design of the ordinary fence is constructed from bamboo. Although bamboo furniture has been around for years few people recognized bamboo’s potential as a long-lasting outdoor fence. It is actually one of the toughest cost effective natural materials you can use. They are extremely environmentally friendly. It has been stated that if everyone planted and utilized bamboo within six years global warming could be reduced.

The average consumer has no idea how many benefits there are in using bamboo fencing. Unlike hardwood trees harvested for fences which take up to 50 years to regenerate drastically effecting the planet’s oxygen bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants in the world. Within three years once planted they can be re-harvested without causing any environmental harm to the planet. There is no soil erosion or other damages that occur when harvesting standard trees. Bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows practically a meter per day and belongs to the grass family.

According to the Home Builder’s Association of America bamboo is the strongest fence material when compared to other natural woods. The association has given three different bamboo commodities their coveted Gold Ribbon Award over other standard wood fencing items. Structures built with bamboo has been known to withstand earthquakes and many other natural disasters. The durability that you receive with a bamboo fence is priceless. Speaking of prices, bamboo is very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of fences available. The combination of simple installation and lighter than air weight dramatically cuts down the cost of bamboo. Another benefit of bamboo fencing is the breathtaking beauty it adds to every home. Natural beauty always stands out a little higher than the rest. The rich color and texture of bamboo creates an entirely different appearance to a home owner’s yard. We all want to reflect our sense of style into our homes. Bamboo fences come in various styles to allow you to do just that. It gives green consumers a way to have natural beauty, privacy, protection, preserve trees, conserve soil, and save money all at the same time.

If you are trying to renovate your home to look considerably du jour and green you must have a bamboo fence. Adding a bamboo fence not only helps the environment but it will give any yard an exotic alluring appeal. The ambiance that a fence of this caliber can give to a space is one of complete relaxation. You can truly become one with nature when your surroundings is natural. Having a fence made out of authentic matter that is not from a depleting resource is important. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious bamboo will be the new white picket fence for homes across the planet. If you’d like to learn more about purchasing a bamboo fence for your home visit Calibamboo.

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