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Judi FitzPatrick is a strong believer that everyone can live an eco-friendly lifestyle and she was excited to incorporate these concepts into her photography. Although there may be a stigma that photography could be harmful to the Earth Judi is living proof that not only can someone snap an amazing moment in time, they can share it with the world in an environmentally conscious way.

Describe a day in your personal or professional life.

A typical day could include yoga or some other spiritual practice, yard work, taking photos, making new inventory, listing and promoting to my online storefront, 3 mostly-vegetarian meals (occasional fish is allowed), reading, writing, walking, knitting, and sleeping. Most important of all – eating some very dark chocolate.

Who or what influences your work and why?

Other great photographers help me to aspire to do it better everyday. A flower, a scenic vista, light streaming through a window, a bird in a tree or in flight give a nudge toward the camera.

Is it your personal belief that creativity, and the ability to create art, is innate?

Yes, everything we do can be creative in some way depending on one’s approach. You don’t have to be Picasso to be able to create art. The plating of a simple meal can be as artistic as the work of a great painter.

Who or what inspired you to become a photographer?

In the beginning it was my Dad – a passionate photographer who took pictures, developed the b&w film, and printed the pictures also gave me my first camera – a Brownie that had been his. My friend, Bill, helped me to “see” the picture before I snapped it; with his encouragement and hints I finally started to do it well.

Do you self print or send photos to a printer? If they are sent out is the print house local?

Currently, I send my images to a local photo lab. I am looking into alternatives to the C-print process which involves the use of chemicals; there are so many archival quality printers on the market these days that a new one may soon be making an appearance in my studio.

Do you use sustainable products in your work?

The note cards use only card stock made with recycled materials. The same is true for the enlargement backer boards. The plastic sleeves are #5 recyclable and my next order will be for biodegradable sleeves – now available.

Why was it so important to go green?

I feel it is only right that I do my share of keeping the Earth in good condition for the future generations; it seems to me we’ve only got this once chance.

Can you tell me about your creative process?

It’s like this – I don’t think I “create” anything. I think I have the ability to see something that is already there, the camera can then capture and make that something visible to whoever looks at printed image.

Where did your first inspiration come from?

I guess it was the desire to be like my father in finding the right shot and capturing it for all time on film.

What have you incorporated into your lifestyle to facilitate going green and conserving energy?

I’ve had many years to practice this as I began to live “green” in the 70’s before that term was coined, so the list is somewhat long – when I must drive it’s a hybrid vehicle I own and use, I walk or take public transportation for many activities, I do not eat anything that “walks on land” and my fish intake is minimal (plus not farm-raised if possible), I practice organic gardening, I purchase organically grown produce whenever possible, I take my own reusable grocery sacks for shopping, as light bulbs have burned out they’ve been replaced with compact fluorescent ones, I’ve switched from film to digital photography, I recycle or reuse the tiniest scraps of paper, I save glass jars and use one on top of another for decorative storage and serving, I save and reuse plastic containers for sharing leftovers with guests (rather than use brand new plastic bags or containers). I’ve just started using another tip from this blog – I’m using shredded paper as packing material when shipping non-flat items – a great suggestion, thank you!

What is important to you about conservation and preserving our environment?

Saving non-renewable resources, keeping our planet beautiful. What we have is limited, we must use it wisely.

What challenges have you had in your work?

Self-promotion for one, I need lots of practice and some methods that will work for me.

Do you feel that the Internet has a positive or negative influence on art? How does the Internet affect your work?

To answer the second part – see the question above. This is one of the methods to help me promote more easily as there is no stumbling over words during a sales call.

In general, the Internet has had a positive impact. An artist anywhere in the world can become known to anyone, anywhere else in the world almost instantaneously – what could be better than that?

What is your greatest ambition as an artist?

I would like to leave the viewer with either a smile on their face or a feeling of peace in their heart.

What are you currently working on? Can you tell us about it?

I am actively doing 2 things at this time. First, I’m in the process of organizing and digitizing old film negatives and slides so I can eventually print these on my own printer. Second, I’ve got a couple of new product ideas, using my photo images, that are in the works – can’t say more than that at this time.

What are your long term career goals?

Since I’m 59 years old, long term seems a foreign concept. However, I am trying to become the best photographer I can in whatever time I have left on this planet.

Are there any historical or contemporary artists that you specifically admire?

Ansel Adams, Mary Cassatt, Anne Geddes, David Hockney, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keefe, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Elizabeth Zimmermann

What advice would you give a young artist just getting started?

Listen to your own inner voice, don’t let anyone else tell you your art is no good, and make your art every day.

What “Green” Product would you recommend to our readers?

A big one – Toyota Prius, a small one – Earth Friendly Products’ RTU Orange Plus

What is your best “going green tip”- for example turning off lights, or eating one meatless meal a week?

If you own your own home, eliminate your lawn and plant a tree. For everyone – add some houseplants with large leaves to help clean the air inside your home or office.

How would your friends describe you?

I’ve never asked, but I’d guess they would say I’m “different”.

Do you have a website or online presence?

Judi FitzPatrick Studios

Thank you for this opportunity to be featured on The Organic Mechanic. Peace, Judi

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