Algae Biofuel

Algae BioFuel Guide

Algae Biofuel

Some think algae biofuel is far off in the future, or only in high tech laboratories. Actually the technology and information is here today – and you too can make it with the Ultimate Algae Biofuel Guide!

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Reasons to Make Algae Biofuel

  1. Opportunity to produce low cost high quality fuel.
  2. No experience or high tech skills are required.
  3. Inexpensive to learn, test, equip and implement.
  4. Comprehensive guidance in this Algae Biofuel book.
  5. Environmentally sustainable and economically independent.

Algae Biofuel

Ultimate Algae Biofuel Guide

Bound Paperback:

12 Engaging Chapters!
390 Detailed Pages!
+28 Bonus Downloads!

= 1,435 Informative Pages!

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Your Algae Biofuel Education

In order to create algae biofuels at home you need clear actionable knowledge you can use today to obtain the right tools and equipment, locally and inexpensively, to begin your algae biofuel production.

You’ll see how to assemble everything step by step, with large pictures.

Learn the most time tested and proven methods, as well as more cutting edge secrets to maximize yield and minimize effort and cost.

Easy to understand language and intuitive organization makes this guide the ultimate reference material for making algae biofuels.

Book Chapters:

  1. Understanding Algae as Fuel
  2. Best Algae Strains and Where to Get Them
  3. Algae Growth Dynamics
  4. Build a Bio Reactor
  5. Build a Bio Pond
  6. Build a Backyard Raceway Pond
  7. Build a Garage BioReactor
  8. Algae Oil Harvesting
  9. Algae Oil Extraction
  10. Making Algae Biodiesel
  11. Testing and TroubleShooting
  12. Making Algae Ethanol

Chapter 1: Understanding Algae Biofuel

Algae Biofuel Chapter 1

  • A visual overview of the entire algae biofuels process.
  • A simple system for locating free native algae in your area. 
  • Determine if the local algae is oil bearing, and what to do if it is not.
  • Build an algae incubator for under $35.
  • Step by step instructions, plus additional approaches to consider.

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Biofuel Action Plan & Checklist
  • Aquatic Species Report
  • Algae industry survey

Chapter 2: Algae Strains and Where to Get Them

Algae Biofuel Chapter 2

  • Discover the 8 best algae strains to start with
  • The 1 algae strain to consider above all else.
  • Optimal algae growing climate and conditions
  • Oil content by species breakdown.
  • Where to buy algae strains world-wide

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Simplified Guide “Algae for Dummies”
  • Botryococcus Braunii Growing Guide
  • How to Grow Chlorella (Nutritional Supplement!)

Chapter 3: Algae Growth Dynamics

Algae Biofuel Chapter 3

  • Introduction to Algae Production
  • Dynamics of Algae Growth
  • Quick and Easy Fertilizers and Nutrients
  • Basic Variations to alter Algae Development
  • Optimal Lighting
  • Maintaining perfect pH
  • Aeration and mixing
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Proper Salt Content

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Species Choice Tips
  • Chlorella – Incredible Nutritional Density
  • Encouraging Exceptional Algae Growth

Chapter 4: Build a BioReactor

Algae Biofuel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Includes:

  • Why Use a PhotoBioReactor (PBR)
  • PBR Design Notes
  • When to Use a Bottle PBR
  • PBR Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Detailed Parts List
  • Building the Base
  • Fabrication Guide
  • Bio Light Array
  • Bio Cell Construction
  • Air System Assembly
  • Live Testing the Bioreactor

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Photo Bio Reactor Shopping List
  • Photo Bio Reactor Parts List
  • Photo Bio Reactor Additional Resources List

Chapter 5: Build a Bio Pond

Algae Biofuel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Includes:

  • Introduction to Bio Ponds
  • Design Notes
  • When to Use a Bio Pond
  • Detailed Parts List
  • Fabrication Guide
  • Options and Variations
  • Bio Pond in Action

BONUS: 2 Free Downloads!

  • Biopond shopping list
  • Biopond parts list

Chapter 6: Build a Backyard Raceway Pond

Algae Biofuel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Building a Backyard “Raceway” Open Pond
  • Applying the fine coat
  • Sweep the Concrete
  • Installing the Shaft Mounting Block
  • Sealing the Concrete
  • Assemble Paddle Wheel and Install Motor
  • Calculate the amount of algae per square foot of open pond.

BONUS: 2 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Biodiesel Feedstock
  • Assessment

Chapter 7: Building a Garage Bioreactor

Algae Biofuel Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Design Notes
  • When to Use a Vertical Photo Bio Reactor
  • Detailed Parts List
  • Fabricating Bio Lights
  • Fabricating Bio Cell
  • Air System

BONUS: Free Downloads!

  • Build A Photo BioReactor Shopping List
  • Garage PBR Resource List

Chapter 8: Algae Oil Harvesting

Algae Biofuel Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Includes:

  • Low Cost Harvesting Techniques
  • Harvest Algae with a Wine Press
  • Larger Scale Algae Harvesting
  • Electrolytic Foam Flotation for Harvesting Algae
  • Advanced Algae Harvesting Methods
  • Drying Algae

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Harvesting by Froth Floatation
  • Microalgae Harvesting and Processing
  • Algae Recipes

Chapter 9: Algae Oil Extraction

Algae Biofuel 10

Chapter 9 Includes:

  • Overview of oil Extraction Methods
  • Expellers or Continuous Screw Presses
  • Choosing Your Oil Extraction Method
  • Building a Home Made Algae Press
  • Using a Hydraulic Car Jack
  • Making a Hydraulic Press
  • Inexpensive, Store-Bought Solutions.
  • “Off-The-Wall” Oil extraction

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Algae Biodiesel Reading List
  • Oil Seed Pressing Guide
  • Oil Press Plans

Chapter 10: Making Algae Biodiesel

Algae Biofuel 11

Chapter 10 Includes:

  • Why Make Biodiesel at Home?
  • 12 Most Frequently Asked Biodiesel Questions
  • Biodiesel Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Biodiesel Safety
  • Visual Overview of Biodiesel Production
  • Making Your First Batch
  • Making “Kitchen Biodiesel“
  • Washing Biodiesel
  • How Much Biodiesel Will I Need to Produce?
  • Buy a Biodiesel Processor or Build your Own?

BONUS: 3 Free Downloads!

  • Biodiesel at home manual
  • 90 Liter Biodiesel Processor Manual
  • Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines  

Chapter 11: Testing and Troubleshooting

algae biofuel 12

Chapter 11 Includes:

  • Why Wash Biodiesel?
  • How to Build a Wash Tank
  • Bubble Washing Biodiesel
  • Mist Washing Biodiesel
  • Mix Washing Biodiesel
  • “Dry Washing” with Magnesol
  • Titration of Oils
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Quality Testing Biodiesel
  • Simple Wash Test
  • Visual Inspection of Biodiesel
  • Testing for Cold Weather Properties
  • Initial Feedstock Testing
  • Testing Summary
  • ASTM Testing Explained

BONUS: Free Downloads!

  • NREL Quality Testing Biodiesel
  • Qualitative tests for biodiesel

Chapter 12: Making Algae Ethanol

algae biofuel 13

Chapter 12 Includes:

  • What is Ethanol?
  • What is Ethanol?
  • How Ethanol is Used
  • Why Use Algae to Produce Ethanol?
  • Overview of Algae Ethanol Production
  • Algae Based Ethanol FeedStocks
  • Where to obtain the best feedstock
  • Growing Algae for Ethanol
  • Strain Selection
  • Cultivation
  • Open Ponds
  • Closed Ponds
  • Enclosed Photo bioreactors
  • Building or Buying a Home Ethanol Still
  • Still Plans & Kits
  • Professionally Built Stills

BONUS: Free Downloads!

  • ATF Forms
  • Step by Step Ethanol” A quick guide on producing ethanol
  • Building a Home Alcohol Still


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