The Plastic Water Bottle Crisis and How You Can Help

Millions of Americans enjoy the convenience of drinking bottled water daily. Unfortunately, this convenience has turned into a massive waste which is destroying our planet’s ecosystems. Plastic water bottles are overflowing landfills, polluting the streams, rivers and oceans, altering the environment in which we live. Over 60 million plastic bottles wind up in garbage dumps across the country every single day, making an alarming 86% of all produced plastic bottles never recycled. One plastic water bottle takes 700 to 1,000 years to biologically degrade, earning it the status of Toxic Waste. This type of waste is rapidly growing as millions of health-conscious Americans are consuming more and more bottled water.

Countless environmentalists and social activists across the country have started a war against the thriving bottled water industry, which threatens natural wetlands and ways of life. Most of those bottled waters are costly and not as pure as manufacturers claim. The average American spends $1,400 a year drinking bottled water, the majority of which has no significant nutritional advantage over tap water. Environmentalists believe phthalates, or chemical plasticizers, can leach out of certain grades of plastic bottles into the water. Light regulations that bottled water-makers have to abide by thus increases the chances of contamination. Further more, transportation and distribution of bottled water requires consuming 1.5 million barrels of oil and massive amounts of energy. Therefore ecological groups are asking all Americans to cut back or eliminate bottled water usage for the sake of the environment. These groups urge everyone to try and help fight the current plastic water bottle crisis in any way they can.

Investing in a home water-purification system and reusable water bottles are excellent alternative solutions to stop the plastic water bottle crisis. The amount of money and of Earth’s natural resources saved by using these eco-friendly alternatives makes it worth the effort. Many health-conscious families already own a water-purification system in their home. By simply investing in a reusable bottle made out of safe non-toxic materials and filling it up with water from your home, anyone can do their part to help the environment.

Purchasing a reusable water bottle made out of aluminum, stainless steel, or polypropylene are all safer alternatives to plastic bottles. Eco-conscious companies have already begun manufacturing such reusable water bottles to help improve health conditions, hydration, and environmental responsibility. Products made out of these environment-friendly materials are offered through several major distributors. They can be purchased either online or at certain health-conscious stores. These types of reusable bottles can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The most popular reusable water bottle is the Sigg bottle. Sigg is a Switzerland-based manufacturing company operating since 1908 that makes the highest grade of aluminum reusable water bottles in the world. The Sigg bottles are popular due to their stunning craftsmanship and custom designs. Each environment-friendly bottle is painted with a colorful scheme, and most of their bottles can last up to 20 years. The company can even apply custom artwork on a reusable bottle. Aside from using paint that is safe from toxins, The Sigg bottle is unique for an aluminum container with non-toxic polymer liner on the inside. Their reusable water bottles might thus be filled with any type of beverage. Sigg reusable water bottles can be purchased online at for around $20.

Another relatively new alternative solution to the current plastic water bottle crisis is Biota Spring Water. Biota bottles are produced from a 100% renewable resource, and created solely as a relief to the world’s plastic bottle crisis. The Biota Spring Water bottle is designed to decompose completely within 12 weeks as it is made of a corn-based form of PLA (Polylactic Acid) that will not degrade until the bottle is empty and rests at a specific temperature. Biota Spring Water is currently available at select natural foods and gourmets supermarkets in the U.S. Buying Biota Spring Water instead of regular brands of bottled water will help eliminate the hazardous waste that PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) water bottles are causing the environment. Biota Spring Water is a fabulous alternative, packaged in an eco-friendly bottle that will not harm the planet.

Whatever the alternative, make it a safe one: help fight the waste.

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