Organic Mechanic Biofuel Adventures Covered in the News

The following links are interesting to follow the progression and see some roots over the years.

1) In 2004 Earth Tribe begins promoting the benefits of alternative energy sources and goes traveling in a vegetable oil powered bus. Here we present the details of project to the Ethics Forum at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi. Thanks for all the help Professor Berkich! Presenting for the Maryland Gazette on the East Coast (although you need a free account here to read the whole story.)

2) Taking a group of activists from Houston to New York in 2005 via a vegetable oil bus ride. “The guy said, ‘Yeah, we got a bus that runs on vegetable oil.’ And I just wasn’t sure I could believe it.”

3) The Organic Mechanic opens a shop in Corpus Christi, TX interview, 2006. Some thought provoking questions about Vegetable Oil as Fuel are discussed.

There are other articles, interviews, and video clips, however the links have thus broken.

Thank you everyone who has helped along the way. Onward, to make a bigger impact, to serve green energy to the people, and make some more headlines!

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