Obama Team receives Organic Mechanic ideas

An email contact confirms that the Obama Transition team has read Organic Mechanic’s ideas on how to accelerate green technology adoption in America! Awaiting further news to see if included in Citizen’s Brief to President, which is the first of it’s kind – a report compiling citizen’s ideas will go directly to the commander in chief!

Here is an excerpt from what was sent:

“The adoption of all new technologies can be understood by something that looks like a bell curve with a missing gap between the small percentage of early adopters and the middle 2/3rds of a population, known as the mainstream. This concept is covered in Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore, a phenomenal read. Early adopters of any technology are typically mechanically inclined, educated, and have a bit of money and time to play with technology that is not fully polished and is a challenge to learn about and obtain. In order for the gap to be successfully crossed a very predictable chain of events occurs, leading to a specific road map for introducing breakthrough technologies. The number one reason people become customers of a new product is by identifying with the benefits that someone similar to them have experienced. So by making profound examples of how say one fleet of vehicles switches to a new technology and presenting that information clearly to other fleets just like it, the gap is crossed.”

“There are over 230 million vehicles in use in America. To address the mounting carbon emissions the public has been focusing on which car company will come out with the greener model. Look at the circumstances though, not many are affording a new car, especially the high end price tags on hybrids. A smart plug in grid is a great idea, but it may not be fast enough implementation to make the immediate change that is required. We must immediately begin massive climate stabilization before the 2* C increase to prevent the runaway effects of tundra released carbon as Dr. Chu discusses. The message is clear, let’s quickly clean up our mess and change before we are forced to inherit a very harsh future.

To convert existing technology to be cleaner and more efficient a Water Fuel System can be installed under the hood of a vehicle. While the engine is running the system generates a gas that mixes with your primary fuel and makes your engine work more efficiently. The gas is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen that may be called HHO because of the proportion of each element in the gas mixture. The gas that is produced is sucked into the engine and mixed with the gasoline, diesel, or biofuel to make it more combustible. The water does not replace all of the primary fuel, but offsetts a portion of it from 10-50%, sometimes more, depending on the make and age of the vehicle. A more complete burn means more energy is tapped, causing an increase in mileage, a reduction in emissions, and a return to more efficient operation of the engine.”


OM knows that with sustained effort solutions to climate change can and will be forged. A new world of clean electricity and transportation is approaching and OM exists to empower people every day with the information and technology needed to make this future a reality. Our philsophy is to educate people and to make the whole process of going green simple, sensical and very rewarding. Most people support the green energy movement and either have considered switching or would consider it if the information, product, and service is just delivered correctly. A true abundance of green technologies are available today and are limited in reach only due to a lack of exposure. This creates an opening for a company such as OM who is able to truly connect to serving the customer the best possible information, selection, and experience.”

Smart Energy Technology: www.OrganicMechanic.com

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