If You’re Stuck With Lemons –

– make lemonade: if your town gets wiped out, at least come back as green as you can.

Via the Make site:

I can’t imagine losing my home to an act of God, but all of my neighbors, my entire town losing theirs at the same time, is just beyond comprehension. That’s what happened to Greensburg, KS on May 4th of last year when it was hit by a Cat 5 tornado. 95% of the town was wiped out. In rebuilding, the town has decided to create for themselves a more energy-efficient, sustainable, “eco-friendly” community they hope will serve as a model for other towns faced with a similar natural disaster reboot, or those building/re-building under less apocalyptic circumstances.

Greensburg, Kansas: Extraordinary Transformation

Smart Energy Technology: www.OrganicMechanic.com

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