I Had To Read This Twice –

– and you probably will have to as well … things are actually changing (who’d have thunk it?).

From The Environmental News Network:

Exxon facing shareholder revolt over approach to climate change

A shareholder revolt at ExxonMobil led by the billionaire Rockefeller family has won the support of four significant British institutional investors who will call on Monday for a shakeup in the governance of the world’s biggest oil company.

Guardian.co.uk has learned that F&C Asset Management, Morley Fund Management, the Co-Operative Insurance Society and the West Midlands Pension Fund are throwing their weight behind a resolution demanding that ExxonMobil appoints an independent chairman to stimulate debate on the company’s board.

Exxon is facing a rebellion from its investors over its hardline approach to global warming. The firm has refused to follow rival oil companies in committing large-scale capital investment to environmentally friendly technology such as wind and solar power.

The Rockefeller dynasty, whose ancestor John D Rockefeller founded the original oil business at the core of ExxonMobil, have sponsored four shareholder resolutions demanding changes at Exxon. One of these calls on Exxon’s chief executive Rex Tillerson, to relinquish his role as chairman in favour of an outsider to bring in an alternative point of view.

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One thought on “I Had To Read This Twice –

  1. Jennifer

    for so long I believed we couldn’t see changes of this scale, in this way, from organizations this big and this entrenched in the oil monopoly of our Earth. I’m happy to say I’m slowly discovering I’m wrong! And, if Exxon can change then truly ANYONE can change! Let’s be climate hero’s and support the superstar Rockefeller’s!


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