Green Jobs Act

Support 1Sky Solutions and the new green jobs act. They are requesting that all environmentally conscious consumers request their local Senators and Representatives to endorse the complete funding for the Green Jobs Act and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant in this year’s Appropriations Bill. 1Sky Solutions have an easy to access formatted letter for individuals to use to help spread the message to members in office. This is one of the most important bills going through our government process right now which will affect our world for years to come. We have to take action now to save the planet.

Currently, throughout the United States countless organizations, prominent leaders, and people just like you are banding together to fight global warming. The environmental movement has been growing rapidly but without the government assistance it will not be a success. There must be programs and laws created to help protect as well as prevent further damage to our delicate ecosystem. Persuading our leaders to take a different direction in methods we use to manage waste and resources is crucial. Not only our health but our economic success depends on it. As a nation we must work together to change our destructive habits for a better future for all. It is time to create a green energy economy.

1Sky Solutions was established in 2007 to aim the strength of millions of environmentally conscious citizens on one primary objective. This objective is to gain federal action by 2010 that will turnabout global warming. A goal as hefty as this needs support to make any lead way. 1Sky solutions are using every resource to find the right technique to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, highlight renewable energy, and invent other breakthrough technologies. Their intent to produce a clean energy economy through eliminating our dependence on overseas oil and producing a modernistic age of green jobs. Over 2.5 million dollars in 501c3 funding has been raised through the organization. Using every possible communication resource ranging from Internet to door-to-door individuals just like you are contributing 1Sky Solutions efforts to reach the Congressional districts in America.

1Sky’s slogan is our climate, our future, one chance. It is as poetic as it is true. Our climate is in turmoil Arctic ice caps are melting, natural disasters are becoming a daily occurrence, and temperatures are breaking history records. Economic issues are increasing as well. We only have one chance which is now to pursue a solution. Sustainable energy, green buildings, effective growth programs, and new clean energy technologies is key. It will take a lot of work for us to get the government to realize the immense opportunities and economic benefits for green jobs. With the manufacturing industry crumbling generating green employment in solar, wind and more organic industries can help improve the lives of millions along with the environment. Let’s make a change! Go to 1Sky Solutions today to ask the future president of the United States to support the Green Jobs Act.

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