Cooking Oil as Fuel reviewed by Consumer Reports

Consumer reports wished to see the difference between operating a Jetta TDI on diesel, biodiesel, 5% biodiesel, and pure cooking oil.

Cooking oil was found to have the lowest emissions out of all four fuels tested, with an unnoticeable difference in performance. Here is the chart that they produced:

Consumer Reports Biodiesel Chart

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For a filtration system that simplifies fuel collection, see an Oil Centrifuge, and for a fuel system which switches over to vegetable oil and finishes the purge on shutdown automatically, and lets you know if there is water in oil, among other enhanced features, check out the Diesel Conversion Kit from OM!

Your Vegetable Oil Fueled Power Plant

Reliable Energy Production, 24 x 7 x 365

New Vegetable Oil Generator Picture

This Vegetable Oil Generator is safe, super-silent, and designed for constant energy production or backup power generation, from 14.5-505 KW.

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Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by using filtered cooking oil (WVO) or oil grown and pressed from various crops. The built in conversion kit guarantees smooth operation.

Worldwide shipping, with both 50 and 60 Hz models available, delivery in 4-8 weeks!

Big Announcement at OM!

Organic Mechanic is proud and excited to welcome Bob Karl full time to the support team!

He is now handling all questions about the solutions on the pages of, including Diesel Conversion Kits, Vegetable Oil Generators, Wind Turbines, and more!

Bob is an experienced engineer and family man with a friendly personality and strong sense of integrity. He has serviced, trained, and consulted for large manufacturing outfits around the world, creating elegant and efficient automated solutions to solve difficult complex machine problems. 

He is also a renaissance man at learning about and fixing just about anything you can think of, prefers biking everywhere, often reads a few books per week, and has a part time hobby as a prolific inventor in carbon sequestration, which down the line may help us to bring even more exciting solutions to the public!

Feel free to email Bob at or to call at the main office: 262-674-6324

Thank you dearly to all of the wonderful people who applied for this position. I was amazed by your exceptional breadth of skills and experience, and personally very touched by your enthusiasm to work with OM and passion to make green technology more available to the world! Please carry on this ambition!

-Christopher Kindig

Founder, CEO

Green Product Distribution

Waste to Energy

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.”

…think of how we can use vegetable oil from restaurants to drive vehicles, carbon from smokestacks to grow algae for biofuel, and waste from farms to produce electricity!

Tesla to Setup More Supercharger Stations Across the US and Canada

“Within six months the Tesla Supercharger network will connect most of the major metro areas in the US and Canada, the company said, making it possible to travel from Los Angeles to New York using only the Tesla Supercharger network.”

Algae Biofuel

Algae BiofuelAn expert in Algae Biofuel explains various methods it is being cultivated and processed for biodiesel and ethanol.

The promise of using algal biofuels as a substitute for petroleum has been bandied about for several decades. During that time, the political and commercial appetite for achieving it has waxed and waned with the price of oil and the demands of national security. But today, calls for oil independence and alternative energy sources have placed renewed focus on algae.

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Teens Build Electric Car Powered by Social Media Posts

Converting old gas-powered cars to run on electricity has become easy enough that Minddrive, a Kansas City non-profit, has made such conversions part of an after-school education program for inner-city teen-agers. For this year’s project, Minddrive decided to set a higher bar by challenging the students to build a car powered by tweets and Facebook posts.

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Mushrooms, the New Plastic?

“Mushrooms are effective as natures recycling system because they produce enzymes that help break down compounds in plants that other vegetation is unable to produce. At the end of the day, mushrooms create a root system containing a substance called mycelium. This can be used as a glue to hold together the agricultural byproducts used in creating an alternative packaging product that is 100% bio-degradable. Since the product is alive and grows on it’s own, the energy costs are 1/10th the cost of creating styrofoam, never mind the incredible environmental savings that is taking place.”

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