Everyday Items Are Earth Friendly and Effective

In recent years society focused their desires on disposable items but as efforts are being made to increase awareness to the condition of our planet, even companies who built their fortunes on this throw away attitude are revamping with an Earth conscious approach. The theory of use it once and throw it away has added to landfills so there are many people who have taken the old adage “they don’t build ‘em like they used to” and applied it to the products of today creating solid and stable items that are built to last for years to come. Some of the most prominent are items we use frequently such as mops, lawn mowers, appliances and make up applicators, just to name a few.

With the introduction of disposable dust collecting cloths that are said to attract the particulates often missed by other dusting solutions, tons of waste was added to our growing trash problem so Colorado based Bona (Corporate Headquarters are based in Sweden) devised the Earth friendly, Environmental Choice System™. Rather than throwing away the cleaning cloths, this nifty pole has a Velcro mop head so the microfiber cleaning pad or fluffy, washable dusting pads easily attach and detach. The pads can be washed in either a washing machine or simply rinsed and wrung by hand. Their cleaning solution is a waterborne formula with low VOC that was certified by Greenguard for indoor air quality.

When it comes to outdoor air quality there is no bigger offender than a gas powered lawn mower. With fifty four million Americans filling and running gas powered mowers every weekend, using upwards of 800 million gallons of gasoline annually, this piece of equipment is responsible for five percent of the air pollution in our country, not to mention the seventeen million gallons of fuel spilled while refueling the machine. A push reel mower is the most eco-friendly alternative but for those who are unable to use such equipment Neuton® Mowers might be the next best alternative. The Neuton mower utilizes a rechargeable battery as its source of power creating a quieter, zero emission alternative to gas mowers. Each battery has a life span of approximately 360 watt-hours which will cut through approximately one third of an acre prior to need for a recharge. Additional batteries can be purchased so when one runs out a new, fully charged one can be put right in saving time and energy.

Energy saving is certainly a concern on the mind of many home owners in recent years so it is common to find the Energy Star logo on household appliances that meet or exceed requirements for efficiency ratings, based on the governmental system of standards adopted in 1992. From refrigerators to cordless phones this stamp of approval is the gold standard in acquiring products that draw considerably less energy than their non-approved counterparts. One of the most common items used in the home is a television set. A TV can be held responsible for up to four percent of household electricity usage per year but a model rated with the Energy Star uses up to thirty percent less energy per year when not in use making it possible to save money even when utilizing an item of convenience.

Women are always searching for the quickest and easiest methods that assist in helping them feel great about them self and one of the most common ways to achieve this is through the use of make up. Amazing advancements have been made in this industry over the past couple decades to produce cruelty free products not tested on animals but when it came to application brushes many people were still using those constructed from natural animal hairs. These brushes are potentially hazardous as they can breed bacteria at the hair’s cuticle and they also offer less than superior performance as they tend to streak the product being applied, not to mention they are created from animals, which is hardly cruelty-free. Utilizing a make up applicator created from the synthetic fiber of Taklon allows for anti-bacterial properties, smooth finishing results and best of all a cruelty-free experience.

There are many companies beginning the transition to environmentally friendly alternatives of the every day items we use and this is just a small list of products we can replace over time in our efforts to become more eco-conscious consumers. A mop, lawn mower, appliance or make up brush are not the only products we use so look around and do some research into companies that provide Earth friendly alternatives to our most frequently used items. The more people who request a safer alternative the more mainstream it will become to care for our planet.

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