Eliminate Junk Mail & Save The Environment

Junk mail invades our lives almost daily. Various company advertisements, credit card offers, and internet connection promotional disks appear in our mailboxes on a regular basis. Most of us automatically toss unwanted mail away without even opening it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency only an estimated 36% of direct mailings are recycled. Over 100 million trees are wasted as junk mail arriving in U.S. mail boxes across the country. Tons of direct mailings wind-up in garbage dumps each year. The process of generating and the removal of unwanted mail consumes massive amounts of energy. Eliminating junk mail can save the trees, prevent the wasting of other valuable resources, and aid in the reduction of Co2 and dioxin emissions.

There is a website called the New American Dream which is dedicated in helping individuals declare their independence from junk mail. A new bill has been proposed in 14 states as a solution to the unwanted mail situation. It consists of the “Do Not Junk” registry offering consumers the choice to opt out of ad mail. The website provides information for individuals to locate their state’s status on the bill. It also has pre-written letters to congress that you can print or fill out on the website to help urge state legislators, governors, and local lawmakers to support the campaign. A really helpful feature on the New American Dream website are the on-line registration forms that you can fill out instantly to declare your independence from junk mail. It’s simple and only takes several minutes of your time. You can read insightful posts about what other people are doing in their communities for the cause. They have forums where you can exchange your ideas and share your views with others. New American Dream has a handy how-to guide available online for readers to learn ways to stay junk mail free. It gives consumers details on how to sign up for mail preference service, tips to avoid receiving unwanted catalogs, and numerous links to declare your independence on junk mail. There are lists of environmentally conscious companies that do not send out annoying and wasteful direct marketing mail.

The New American Dream organization has joined forces with Forest Ethics and several other groups to work with five of the largest catalog companies in the U.S. Their efforts will be directed in greening the companies catalog production methods. Saving businesses money and reducing waste. New Dream also urges individuals to send letters to companies that you regularly purchase from to start greening their catalogs as well. Using recycled materials and sending out less direct mail solicitation are key in greening promotional techniques. They believe consumers have the power to change the way goods and services are marketed. As a consumer responding more to green driven marketing will re-direct the methods businesses employ to gain your attention.

Their goal is to give individuals, governments, and businesses methods which assist in the elimination of junk mail and saving the environment.You can find tips, register for the opt-out of junk mail campaign, join their organization, or give someone a gift membership at the New American Dream website.

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