DC Going Green with SmartBikes

The U.S. is slowly changing to green. DC, Washington is the first city in America to use a SmartBike program to help reduce Co2 emissions and save the environment. It’s an effective method to give people access to eco-friendly transportation. SmartBike Rider Stations can be found all over Europe in countries like Spain, France, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. Now it’s available right here in the good ole’ USA. This is a very successful step towards finding more methods of alternative transportation to integrate into our lives. Local residents and commuters in the D.C. area can access SmartBikes instead of driving, catching a taxi, or other means of fossil fuel dependent transportation.

The SmartBike is specifically designed for repeated use under various weather conditions. An average bike will be used 10-15 times per day by different users. Most individuals take an estimated 20 minutes to ride the bicycle to their desired destination. These bikes are built sturdy to withstand a few bumps and rough handling. It can easily be maneuvered and is lightweight weighing only 16.5 kg. All SmartBikes are weather resistant as well. The safety and comfort makes it a great dependable public transport device. Utilizing a green program like this is an excellent way to live a more sustainable life. SmartBikes allow you to sneak in cardio exercise throughout your busy day while you reduce harmful Co2 emissions in the process.

This bike sharing program works effortlessly. Since it is a self-service bicycle rental system participants pay a relatively small annual membership fee of $40 to obtain their swipe card. The card is swiped into the stations slot and a bike will be released for use. When the individual has completed their trip they can simply dock the Smartbike back. It’s very convenient and simple. The service can be accessed at any hour of the day seven days a week. Each station is positioned strategically all along the city of DC. They can commonly be found near bus stations, offices, and major shopping areas. The program will offer a new greener option for citizens. SmartBike is time tested system that has been operational for over ten years in other countries. Clear Channel Outdoor is the first company to establish a complete automated bike sharing program in the United States. The first SmartBike program was started in Rennes, France in the year 1998. It has been going strong ever since.

It’s thrilling to see the first automated bike sharing program in America. The high gas prices and current environmental issues make this an excellent green alternative. More bike rentals should be an important component of local and federal eco-conscious transportation plans. SmartBike DC will produce an estimated 120 bicycles for this initial venture. Clear Channel Outdoor is currently working with cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Portland about starting the program in their area as well. Hopefully, the success of SmartBike DC will motivate other cities to follow in their footsteps also.

Smart Energy Technology: www.OrganicMechanic.com

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