Climate Revolutionaries Gather

On November 5th the Green buzz was thick in the air. A record number of students from around the world met with US Congress members to require a firm commitment to reducing greenhouse gasses. The days before provided training, education, job fairs and entertainment surrounding taking action on climate change.

Also speaking were the legendary Bill McKibben who started the worldwide Step it Up phenomena and continues to write books and create awareness, and also Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House. We had a great time and gained momentum to make important changes. Read more at and prepare for the next event:!

“The solutions of tomorrow are not stashed behind the walls of bureaucracy or political halls. They are in the minds of engineers, designers, innovators, researches, environmentalists, and other spirited individuals.” – Stuart Barea

“This is the new politics. Personal responsibility. Not leaving it to others. I am my planet’s keeper.” – Hilary Benn, Secretary for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Smart Energy Technology:

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