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Your Vegetable Oil Fueled Power Plant

Reliable Energy Production, 24 x 7 x 365

New Vegetable Oil Generator Picture

This Vegetable Oil Generator is safe, super-silent, and designed for constant energy production or backup power generation, from 14.5-505 KW.

Visit to see new pictures and to download individual Specs sheets for each model.

Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by using filtered cooking oil (WVO) or oil grown and pressed from various crops. The built in conversion kit guarantees smooth operation.

Worldwide shipping, with both 50 and 60 Hz models available, delivery in 4-8 weeks!

Electromagnetic Harvester Gathers Free Electricity from Thin Air

“This might sound a bit like hocus-pocus pseudoscience, but the underlying science is actually surprisingly sound.” …watch the video on this page to see!