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Be Utility Free

Electricity prices are constantly rising in this country and global environmental concerns are growing as well. Energy efficiency should be everyone’s main goal. It will save thousands of dollars and lessen the pollution invading our planet’s atmosphere on a daily basis. Did you know you can claim an additional $500 tax credit for simply installing energy efficient windows, doors, roofs, insulation, heating and cooling equipment in your home. Adding energy efficient home improvements will eliminate energy waste, protect the environment, save money, enhance the comfort of your home, and give you a bigger federal income tax return check. It is a win-win solution with energy renewable resources.

Is it a way to practically be utility free? A company named BeUtilityFree has made it their mission to help every home reach this goal. They believe investing in products that assist you in producing you own energy will give you the power to be utility bill free. Although, it may not be every home owners main objective to be completely utility free you still can cut your electricity costs in half by utilizing renewable sources. This company sells an array of products that can supply your home with pollution-free energy. All of their energy products help home owners to eliminate their need for fossil fuel utility power usage. BeUtilityFree services include system design, blueprints, construction, installation, equipment, appliances, consulting, repairs, and maintenance.

There are various energy products that you can purchase to help your home be less dependent on fossil fuel power. Solar awnings can be used to shade the windows of your home during the hot humid days of summer. Lighting systems involving solar tubes and skylights often bring natural daylight into any room. Many people believe an energy efficient home has to be unattractive but with the right design and products you can have a beautiful modernized home. There are solar thermal panels that appear invisible if installed properly. Some people prefer solar roof tiles for a sophisticated look. They replace your existing roof shingles to make a smooth surface giving you a traditional roof.

Solar hot water, solar electric, wind, hydro-power and hydrogen fuel cells are all renewable resources that can cut your energy costs available at BeUtilityFree and other green product providers. Solar thermal systems are excellent cost-effective renewable energy sources. Whether you are considering a solar hot water methods or solar electric it has the potential to become sole source of heat or energy. Solar thermal systems have the ability to be tied into an existing gas-fired boiler as a pre-heater to conserve fuel. Wind power is another option available for rural locations. When the wind blows too long or hard you can divert the extra electricity to a useful purpose. Most individuals who use wind power rely on a turbine with a battery system for energy storage. Hydrogen metal-hydrite storage tanks split water into hydrogen and oxygen and store it for further use. This eliminates the need for a compressor. BeUtilityFree also has an Anuvu’s Power X hydrogen fuel cell option that you can add to your system to turn your stored hydrogen back into electricity.

Whether you want to make a small energy efficiency change or completely go utility free there are companies such as BeUtilityFree and various resources available to assist you in your journey.

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