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Tesla Electric Car Plans

Starting with the over $100,000 Roadster, Tesla Motors has steadily innovated and shrunk this with each model, and now has plans for a $35,000 all electric car.

Tesla electric car plans also include building solar powered charging stations across the United States, so that you can now drive from LA to NYC on clean energy from the sun!

Tesla Electric Car Plans

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Tesla to Setup More Supercharger Stations Across the US and Canada

“Within six months the Tesla Supercharger network will connect most of the major metro areas in the US and Canada, the company said, making it possible to travel from Los Angeles to New York using only the Tesla Supercharger network.”

Bicycle Friendly State Rankings

Below are a new map and chart prepared by the League of American Bicyclists and theAlliance for Biking and Walking which ranks the 50 states on their bicycle friendliness in 2013.

As is evident from the map, the Western states, the Upper Great Lakes, the Middle Atlantic states, and New England rank best, while the Lower Great Lakes, South Central, and Great Plains states rank the poorest in bicycle friendliness.

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Solar Electric Cars more efficient than most Biofuels

“The analysis considered land-use, greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel use, and took into account the production and use life cycles of both the fuels themselves and the vehicles they power. …all things considered, a pretty clear win for solar-powered electric battery vehicles.”



…this is an interesting study, however it is not considering a much more efficient ethanol crop, algae!

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